Common Small Hiker Cups / Pots

Greetings Adventurers!

Way back in 2013 I posted the article Small Cups/Pots for the SUL/XUL Hiker and it has been one of my more popular articles so I thought it was time to give it some TLC.

Over the last few days I have updated the spreadsheet to remove discontinued cups/pots, update pricing, update weights, add a few extra currencies, add some notes, and just do a generalized clean-up on it.

I decided to stay with the previous four guidelines:

  1. It must be at or under 450 ml in volume.
  2. It must be at or under 100 grams in weight.
  3. It cannot be a beer can style cup/pot.
  4. It must be one of the common cups/pots used by sub 2268 hikers.

It is by no means a list of every cup/pot out there that meets those requirements, but it is a list of the ones that best meet those requirements, especially #4.

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LiteTrail 550ml Titanium Cookpot Setup

TrailLite Ti 500ml Cook Pot
TrailLite Ti 500ml Cook Pot

Greetings Hikers,

It has been fun to watch LiteTrail mature over the last year or so, Jhaura Wachsman, the founder of LiteTrail, has been investing a lot of time and money into sourcing some of the lightest gear available for SUL/XUL hikers. That alone makes them a company that is always on my watchlist.

About a week ago they announced a new set of titanium cook pots, that are suppose to be crazy light weight, so I ordered up one of their 550ml pots to give it a go and see how it compared to my existing setup, which is comprised of the hugely popular Evernew 600ml pot, and the always amazing TrailDesigns Sidewinder, and a DIY esbit stove/stand.

The order showed up tonight, and I am heading out on a hike tomorrow, so I wanted to get a brief pre-use article pushed out for those considering this setup.


Pot: 54.71 grams
Lid: 17.33 grams
Screen: 4.48 grams
Groundsheet: 1.38 grams
TriWing stand: 12.59 grams

This totals up to: 90.49 grams (3.19 ounces).

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Zia Titanium Pot Supports

Earlier this week I was looking around the BPL website and came across this post posted by Zia-Grill-Guy. He is this awesome guy who makes awesome things with small rods of titanium. Some of you might be familiar with his Titanium Grill – which is the lightest weight grill in the world (TTBOMK) for cooking fish and such on while in the backwoods – it is the same one that BPL use to sell directly from their store. Anyway when I saw the post by him for a titanium pot stand I just had to check it out!

Here are some pictures that were included on his post, check out these awesome little guys:

The one on the left is made of 0.09″ titanium, and the one on the right is made with 0.062″ titanium.

He actually had two different type of materials for linking them together, some silicone tubing set and an aluminum tubing set.

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