Zia Titanium Pot Supports

Earlier this week I was looking around the BPL website and came across this post posted by Zia-Grill-Guy. He is this awesome guy who makes awesome things with small rods of titanium. Some of you might be familiar with his Titanium Grill – which is the lightest weight grill in the world (TTBOMK) for cooking fish and such on while in the backwoods – it is the same one that BPL use to sell directly from their store. Anyway when I saw the post by him for a titanium pot stand I just had to check it out!

Here are some pictures that were included on his post, check out these awesome little guys:

The one on the left is made of 0.09″ titanium, and the one on the right is made with 0.062″ titanium.

He actually had two different type of materials for linking them together, some silicone tubing set and an aluminum tubing set.

Specs on those ones:

The 0.062″ Ti stand is 2.5″ high with 3″ long/wide and his the scales at 6 grams (.21 oz.)!!!

The 0.09″ Ti stand is 2″ high and is 3.25″ long/wide and hits the scales at 11 grams (0.39 ounces)!!

The price for the 0.62 Ti stands is $10 bucks, including shipping!

The price for the 0.09 stands is $16 bucks, including shipping!


So me being me I just had to ask him if he would be willing to make a mini-sized one for my mini-sized cook kit.

He messaged me back a couple hours later and showed me photos of the one he made specifically to my specs:


Is that a thing of beauty or what!!


Here is mine on my scale — at 4.15 grams!!


It perfectly fits the Zelph 1 Cup “Generic” pot and if I would have ordered it just a tenth of an inch narrower it would perfectly fit inside the bottom of any beer can stove!!  Or, which would be the smarter way to go, you could go wider and have the beer can stove fully rest on the top of pot stand.

Anyway I just want to say a huge “Thanks!!” to Gary (Zia-Grill-Guy) and if you want one of these you can find his email address at this post over at BPL — send him an email… and please… let him know that I (John Abela) sent you his way!!


John B. Abela


(disclaimer: I bought this ti pot stand with my own money. I own it. It is all mine. You cannot have it! Go buy your own Ti pot stand :-p )

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