Small Cups/Pots for the SUL/XUL Hiker

The Evernew 400ml Cup & Trail Designs Sidewinder. Quite Possible The Best SUL/XUL Setup!
The Evernew 400ml Cup & Trail Designs Sidewinder. Quite Possible The Best SUL/XUL Setup!

Greetings Hikers,

Over the last couple of years I have done a number of comparison spreadsheets which have become fairly popular on solo shelters and two person shelters.

I just got back from a trip hiking a couple sections of the PCT in Southern California, a section of the PCT in the Sierras, and doing further research on the Lowest to Highest trail – and somewhere amongst all those miles I thought to myself it was about time that I put together a spreadsheet on small cups/pots that we in the SUL/XUL world of hiking use.

Somewhere along the way I become frustrated with the large 550ml pot that I was carrying around, simply because it was more capacity than what I needed for the entire time I was on the trail. I did not take my MSR Titan Cup which my sister gave me for Christmas a few years ago, and that I really love, so I was stuck with a pot that had a capacity of almost twice what I needed. I told myself when I got back home I was going to put together a spreadsheet so I could see if my beloved titan cup was still a viable cup or if it was time to switch things up.


This was all much easier to gather and compile than I expected it to be, mostly because I set the following requirements:

I would only list cups/pots that are not cottage made. It seems there are a half-dozen new cottage “beer can makers” that pop-up every year and trying to list all of them would just not be any fun. So I am only listing those cups/pots that are not made in somebodies home or garage. Simply put: (a) there are too many cottage folks making the list too complicated to maintain, and (b) because they tend to have inconsistent weights from pot to pot because of the fact that they are homemade and weight variations are inevitable. Easiest way to keep myself out of a logistical nightmare. I love all you guys out there in the cottage industry… you know that… but sometimes chaos prevails and this would be one of those times.

A max weight of 100 grams (3.52 ounces) also seemed like a reasonable max-weight.

A max volume of 475 ml (16 oz) because it is very rare for a SUL/XUL hiker to be hiking with a cup/pot over 16 ounces.

Because we use these cups/pots on alcohol stoves, over esbit, over fire, etc., only single-wall cups/pots would be allowed. Double wall cups are sweet to drink from, but cannot be used over heat for safety reasons, and the same goes with plastic cups/pots.

Originally I was not going to allow cups without handles because I did not want to get into the issue of the weight of pot-grabbers, but as I could only think of one non-cottage-made pot that does not have handles, I decided to go with non-handle cups, foldable cups, and non-foldable handles, just to make sure we got the full spectrum. Obviously for the one or two cups listed that do not have handles, a person should factor in a pot grabber, wire loop, bandanna or whatever your favorite method of picking up a hot pot is.

Material would not be factored in. While I knew most of them would be made of Titanium, I had a feeling that one or two of them could be aluminium or stainless steel.

Community Help:

At the time of publication there are only fifteen cups/pots within the list. I have to say I was rather amazed at this low of a number. I asked a half-dozen folks if they knew of anything else and none of us could think of anything else. There are more out there, I am certain, but we could not think of them. So if you know of any cups/pots that meet the requirements set above, please drop a comment to this article and I will get it/them added to the list! My initial thanks go to Stick for some initial help and review of my compiled data.

Access Spreadsheet/Chart:

You can view the spreadsheet/chart right here – it is a google spreadsheet.


July 21, 00:45 — I have added the Euro in addition to the USD to help those outside of the USA. I could never add all of the different currencies, but hopefully this will help a few of you out there! I am trying hard to make my articles and data more friendly to non USA hikers!

July 20, 2013 11:30 — I have added the Alpkit MytiCup after a hiker from Finland sent me a message asking to include it. Thanks!

July 20, 2013, 5:50pm — I have added the Ruta Locura 450 Ti Pot and the Montbell 450 Titanium CupMontbell Titanium Sierra Cup 420 and Montbell Titanium Sierra Cup 300 to the list as well. Thanks everybody that has contacted me via this article, my contact form, and via HikeLighter on facebook.

July 20, 2013, 5:35 pm — Lots of hikers sending me messages regarding the Evernew EBY265. I have now added it to the spreadsheet/chart. If anybody in the USA knows of a source for this cook pot please let me know, I have been looking for one for a rather long time.

28 thoughts on “Small Cups/Pots for the SUL/XUL Hiker

  1. No mention of the Evernew Companion cup? 450ml with a wide bottom, fantastic with a Caldera Cone. There were three of them at our BPL trip at Emigrant Wilderness last weekend.

    1. Hey Eric,

      Would that be the EBY265 ??

      I totally missed that one… shame on me… especially because I have been wanting to buy it and give it a try. Just not been able to find one here in the USA. Where are your hiking buddies buying it from??


      1. Yes, it’s the EBY265, I guess it is 400ml, (seems so big though). I got mine at but I think they’re out of stock, others I have talked to have bought from Trail Designs, Amazon, or elsewhere.

  2. Hiya John

    I have a custom sidewinder set up with an Evernew 400ml single wall Ti mug (foldable handles). It is my mug, water boiler for dehydrated meals etc., bowl…you name it. Love it. Not sure if I noticed this model on your spreadsheet, but just in case, I added the link for you to confirm.

    Thanks John

    1. Hey Jason, yeah I totally missed the EBY265. Been almost impossible to find them for sale here in the USA. Thanks for letting me know about it — and that you love it!! I have wanted one since I first saw somebody talk about it.

      1. Yeah it’s a ripper….I remember posting it on BPL, and your subsequent comment too. I actually got mine from the UK, but I remember TD were selling them at one stage….although not anymore by the looks of things! :-)

  3. Hi John. Just wanted to add that the Toaks Titanium 450ml cup on your list is currently only $19.95 from Amazon. I bought one of the smaller Toaks Titanium 375ml cups (about 10 oz) just for drinking and I am very happy with it. The quality is on a par with the MSR Titan cup at a much cheaper price. I plan to make a reflectix cozy for it and I use those rubber lips so I don’t burn my mouth with hot coffee. I love a good deal.

    1. Hey John,

      Yeah a lot of the listed cups/pots can be found cheaper than the listed price… but as I mention in the spreadsheet notes, the listed prices are MSRP or as close to MSRP as I can find. This is to keep things as fair as possible.

      I hear you on the price of the MSR Titan Cup. I use it and keep it because it was a gift from my sister, and thus something I cherish. I really want one of those Evernew EBY265 pots to try out. I know that TrailDesigns made a sweeeeet little set up with it and a Sidewinder cone for a while. I really wanted to buy one of those setups but I was out on the trail when they offered them :(

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and love for the Toak cup!!

      1. Just looked at that Evernew EBY265, which I was not familiar with. Very nice little cup, it looks wider than normal, which is good for cooking. I’d be inclined to get one of those if I could find one. Hope you find one, I’ll watch for your review. I sometimes use a Sidewinder with the .9L Evernew and a Zelph Starlyte stove. Nice set up.

        God bless, now go to bed, IT’S LATE!

  4. It looks like TD has the 265 as a kit for 90. I would jump all over it if it includes the brian green esbit stand and the zelph alcohol stove, but not sure I would want to she’ll out this money for a kit that I would want to replace several pieces.

    1. Hey Jason, TD is out of stock of the Evernew EBY265. I ordered one directly from Japan and it is on its way across the pond. I ordered up the TD Sidewinder so I can give the setup a try. Looking forward to it, because as I think I have mentioned, the 300ml is just a fractional bit too small, and the 550 is a bit on the large size, so hoping the money invested into the 400ml will make me a happy hikers!

  5. It seems there is a mistake concerning the MSR Titan Cup : MSR site says it’s 13.5 cuin / 0.4l, but 13.5 cuin doesn’t make 400 ml (you wrote 221 ml and that’s the real conversion).
    But everywhere else (REI, etc ..) it’s written : 13.5 fl.oz / 0.4l. This time it seems to be the right calcul and I think there is an error in your comparison.

  6. Using Esbit cubes, the EBY265 atop the Esbit Ti Stove seems to be the most efficient way I have found to boil 13oz of water. The wide 3.7 inch diameter of the EBY265 is more efficient, and my experiments have shown that setting the cup 5/8″ above the cube is the optimum height. I use a simple aluminum winshield 16″ long and 4.25″ high, and with paper clips I can maken it into a cone .With little to no wind I can get a light boil with 6 grams of Esbit.

  7. I found my Evernew EBY265 at Amazon. It cost around $27.00, shipped from Japan, and only took about 4 or 5 days to receive. Great little mug/pot!

    1. I have mostly gone cookless. For those times when I do not care about an extra pound, the MSR WindBurner has been going with me. The entire issue, unfortunately, has become a bummer, but I think the entire hiking community needs to get behind this movement away from alcohol stoves. Yes, very very few fires over the years have been started by them, but it is still something that should happen. I also feel that esbit should be on the allowed list – it is one of the most stable forms of fuel that exists.

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