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Why I Do Not Write Trip Reports

I get asked this a lot… “why do you not write trip reports?”

Because I do not use hikelighter.com as my personal trail journal.

It never has been and probably never will be – and while I do, on rare occurances, post about hikes that I have taken, it is just not the goal or purpose of this website.


It really does all come down to that one thing.

Maybe someday I will get tired of writing about what I do here at hikelighter and decide to use it as a personal trail journal, but if/until that happens, I just prefer to keep the focus of hikelighter.com something other than my personal trail journal.


Because most of my time spent out on the trail is doing route development for new trails, any trail reports I would write would be, for example, from my personal journal:

“D4:S17PR6 too much shale rock hiking”
“D5:S17PR7 that sucked, try #8 tomorrow”
“D6:S17PR8 looks like the route to use”
“D6:S18PR1 indicated WS is dry, try PR2 tomorrow”

D4/5 = Day 4, Day 5
S = Section
PR = possible route
WS = water source


And that would just be SOOOOO exciting to have people to read, huh.

I sure would not subscribe/follow that kind of a trip reports website.

I do, on very rare occurrences, post photos to my flickr page and on my instagram account and my facebook account and I always forget to upload photos to my vimeo account it seems.

Written by John B. Abela - HikeLighter.Com

March 6, 2015 at 4:05 am

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