[Product Announcement] Pa’lante Packs: ‘Simple Pack’


Greetings Adventurers!

It is always a great day when we get to announce a new cottage company and new cottage products!

Earlier today, October 27 2016, Andrew Bentz and John Zahorian released their first backpack, called the ‘Simple Pack‘, from their new cottage startup, Pa’lante Packs.


The ‘Simple Pack‘:

The ‘Simple Pack‘ is a pack for the hiker that has learned what they do *not* need to carry.

The ‘Simple Pack‘ is designed for those with a 5-8 pound base pack weight, and as such is a frameless pack.

The ‘Simple Pack‘ is offered in a 35l and a 40l volume pack.

The only option being offered is the ability to add on some lycra mesh shoulder straps. (unknown if an iphone ‘plus’ size fits)

One rather interesting feature is a stretch pocket on the bottom of the backpack – I wonder how well the Therm-a-Rest Z-Sit pad will slid into there!

There is no need to worry about hip belt sizes, as the Simple Pack does not having any – this is, after all, a sub 10 pound backpack and you just do not need a hip belt at those weights.


The ‘Simple Pack‘ is hitting the scale at 13 ounces.

The main fabrics for the backpack is X-Pac VX03 and VX07 located here and there in strategic areas.

The shoulder straps (sadly no s-style) are 3/8″ foam as primary, with some 3D mesh, and wrapped in X-Pack VX07.

The side pockets are made from burly 420D ripstop.

The very neat looking bottom stretch pocket is made from a nylon/spandex mix.

The pack is designed with an 18″ torso length

35L dimensions: 5.5″ x 10.5″ x 28″
40L dimensions: 6.0″ x 11.0″ x 30″

I like what Pa’lante Packs are doing with those dimensions! Many pack designers achieve extra volume by just making the collar (top) of the pack a few inches higher, but with the ‘Simple Pack‘ Pa’lante Packs is actually making the entire pack just a tiny bit larger in all directions.



The price of the ‘Simple Pack‘ starts at $210 and goes up to $250.

Free shipping is included.


Where To Buy:

The ‘Simple Pack‘ is available to buy directly from the Pa’lante Packs website:





Here are a few videos from their new youtube channel:

5 thoughts on “[Product Announcement] Pa’lante Packs: ‘Simple Pack’

  1. I hate gear. I’ve been using my same old repaired taped up gear forever. But I gotta say, this pack really makes me drool.

  2. Looks like a nice design. I wonder how the material stands up against the latest dyneema fabrics. It is also not particularly light overall but certainly worth a good look based on the design. I need to get out and hike without a belt to see how well i survive that way.

  3. Both Andy and John have done a wee bit of hiking between them–lots of field time to dial this pack in. A pack for people on the move and who do not want to stop and take the pack off every time one eats a snickers. I can appreciate this.

    I believe the fabric choice is, in great part, to create a pack body that will not absorb water and thus get heavier and soggy.

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