Pa’lante ‘V2’ Backpack, Initial Look

Palante Packs, V2 Backpack, Initial Look

Greetings Adventurers!

Recently a patron of mine sent me his new Pa’lante ‘V2‘ Backpack to check out, so thought I would do a brief write-up and video on this cool new backpack from Pa’lante.

The ‘V2’ is a 2018 backpack from Pa’lante and, IIRC, their fourth(?) iteration of a backpack. First was the Simple, then the Simple Cuben, then the Dx version, and now the V2 – maybe I missed one in there, but I think that is right. With each generation, Pa’lante has been refining the design of their backpack. In some ways, they have gotten away from their initial core idea of a backpack (a simple backpack) in order to meet the mass demands they never expected, but at the same time, that drive has caused them to really put in the effort to bring to market a more refined backpack, while staying as true to their dream of a simple pack as possible.

I have had the chance to use all of their backpacks with the exception of the Dx version, so getting a chance to try out this newest V2 has been a special treat for me.

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[Initial Walk-Around] Pa’lante Packs, ‘Cuben Simple’

Greetings Adventurers,

I was able to get my hands on one of the Pa’lante Packs ‘Cuben Simple’ backpacks last week, and just finished up shooting, editing, and uploading an initial walk around video.

Pa’lante Packs also makes a non-cuben version, with more features, called the ‘Simple Pack‘, I just did an article and video on it a few days ago.

So the ‘Cuben Simple’ is basically a simplified version of their X-Pac version. Less features, less hardware, and lighter weight fabric.

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[Initial Walk-Around] Pa’lante Packs, ‘Simple Pack’


Hey Adventurers!

I have had a chance to get access to a Pa’lante Packs, ‘Simple Pack’ for doing my fourth ‘initial walk around‘ video!

This is not a backpack that I have bought, nor that was given to me, I simply have had access to it for a short period of time.

I suspect almost all of you already know the vast majority of what there is to know about the Simple Pack, so probably not going to be much of anything new in this video for most of you.

You will, perhaps, see some parts of the backpack that you have not seen anybody else online share, however.

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[Product Announcement] Pa’lante Packs: ‘Simple Pack’


Greetings Adventurers!

It is always a great day when we get to announce a new cottage company and new cottage products!

Earlier today, October 27 2016, Andrew Bentz and John Zahorian released their first backpack, called the ‘Simple Pack‘, from their new cottage startup, Pa’lante Packs.


The ‘Simple Pack‘:

The ‘Simple Pack‘ is a pack for the hiker that has learned what they do *not* need to carry.

The ‘Simple Pack‘ is designed for those with a 5-8 pound base pack weight, and as such is a frameless pack.

The ‘Simple Pack‘ is offered in a 35l and a 40l volume pack.

The only option being offered is the ability to add on some lycra mesh shoulder straps. (unknown if an iphone ‘plus’ size fits)

One rather interesting feature is a stretch pocket on the bottom of the backpack – I wonder how well the Therm-a-Rest Z-Sit pad will slid into there!

There is no need to worry about hip belt sizes, as the Simple Pack does not having any – this is, after all, a sub 10 pound backpack and you just do not need a hip belt at those weights.

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