Klymit ‘Hammock V’ Pad


Hitting the scale at 765 grams, our good friends at Klymit have gotten their new ‘Hammock V Pad‘ up for sale.

Due to the ‘wings’ (shall I call them) the pad ends up being 47 inches (119cm) wide, which puts this pad into the realm of, well, wide.

MSRP for the ‘Hammock V Pad‘ is $139.95

The bottom side (underneath) of the pad appears to have two plugs, which is typical of pads this size. I wonder if these are one way plugs or if Klymit has leased the rights to use the S2S two-way air plugs (‘multi-functional valve’ I think they like to call them these days), which honestly, every company that makes air pads should just do, they really are nice.

You can find this new pad at: http://www.klymit.com/hammock-v-1.html

And really, the only question left is… who is going to be the first to buy one of these and see how they work on the ground as a side sleeper pad. Not me, I got enough air pads these days, but if you do give one of these a try on the ground, and are a side/fetal sleeper, I would love to hear how it works for you!

This is obviously intended for hammocks… but I have a question (as somebody that has owned two bridge hammocks, but is far from a hammock guy)… I thought gathered end hammocks were suppose to be slept in at an angle. (??) This pad is going to cause that aspect of gathered end hammocks to go wonkers on you right? Anybody got thoughts on this issue they would care to share? I am, admittedly, rather ignorant (uneducated) when it comes to such things in the hammock world.

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3 thoughts on “Klymit ‘Hammock V’ Pad

  1. This looks pretty handy. On a gathered end hammock this works great, well, not as great as an underquilt imo but pretty good. There is a long standing mod for pads called the SPE, or segmented pad extender, that this is mimicking. Thanks for the share, I’m sure a lot of folks will love this.

    1. Hey Brady,

      Oh, I think I remember reading about that SPE back in my hammock days… wasn’t it a walmart pad that got chopped up into pieces and attached together to basically form the same basic design…. heck, I forgot all about that thing.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. The price point is decent and it looks to be pretty compact. The R-value looks to be geared more for summer use. It does look like it would work very well in a bridge hammock. But for this weight, which is more than my summer under quilt + foot pad and top quilt combined, I think I would pass. I will however, pass the information on to other hammock hangers that are on a budget. It does look like it would work for side sleeping on the ground. I like to curl up, so this would be important to me. Thanks for sharing, John. I was not aware that Klymit had released this product.

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