Solumbra / Sun Precautions BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt + Active Pants

Solumbra / Sun Precautions 'BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt' and 'Active Pants'

Greetings Adventurers!

Want to share my thoughts on the Solumbra ‘BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt‘ and the Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘.

Earlier this year, after wearing them for 600+ days, I reviewed the Solumbra ‘Ultra Athlete Shirt and Pants‘ after having first talked about them back in 2013.

After my 600+ day review, the kind folks at Solumbra, who are a sponsor of mine, asked if I would want to try giving their BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt a try. It was a garment I had seen on their website previously but had not yet purchased. The BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt is a newer garment in the Solumbra lineup of products and they were wanted to know how it would handle day after day after day of use, such as how I tend to put garments to the test.

While I was placing the order for the TShirt I decided to also order up a pair of the Solumbra Active Pants, thinking it might match better with the TShirt than my Ultra Athlete Pants, and glad that I did.

The combination of the Solumbra ‘BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt‘ and the Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘ have, like the Ultra Athlete garments, proven to me to be a rather exceptional couple pieces of garments.

I started off with a white color BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt and here recently bought a sky blue color one. The white one was just getting too big for me, as I had ordered a large, and it was time to order a medium. Went with the sky blue in hopes of reducing the dirt factor that comes along with being an active hiker and trail runner.

Not me, but a stock photo showing the ‘Active Pants’ in better detail.


9 Month Use Review:

I only have 9 months (~270 days) of use with these two garments, so this is far from my standard long term review of garments. So this is more of an early look/review, as I absolutely plan to continuing wearing these two garments.

The BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt has just been exceptional.

It sometimes is a next-to-skin layer, and sometimes a L2 garment.

I have worn it while hiking through the Mojave Desert, Death Valley, and elsewhere in the deserts of Southern California, in conditions with ground level temps in excess of F120° / F49°

I have worn it while trail running, hiking, and just meandering about around town.

The fabric is a 4-way stretch, is 100+ SPF, has felled seams and raglan sleeves.

Being sun protective garments, these are, of course, full length arms, even though they call it a t-shirt.

On my scale, the BodyShade T-Shirt is 183 grams (6.45 oz) for a size medium.

The ‘Active Pants‘ have also performed very well.

They are, like the BodyShade T-Shirt, 100+ SPF and have a drawstring closure.

They have held up to dirt and trail muck very well, requiring far less washing than I would have expected.

I ordered mine in Indigo colour to help match the shirt, and I wanted to try something other than the white and stone colours that I have with the Ultra Athlete pants.

On my scale, the Active Pants are 251 grams (8.85 oz) for size medium.


Where To Buy:

Here are all of the Solumbra garments that I use, love, and recommend:

Solumbra BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt
Solumbra Active Pants
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Shirt – Full Zipper, Men
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Shirt – Half Zipper, Men
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Pants – Men
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Shirt – Full Zipper, Ladies
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Pants – Ladies
Solumbra Fingerless Gloves
Solumbra Ultimate Crusher Hat
Solumbra Sade Scarf
Solumbra Helmet Drape


Promo Code:

Yep, that is right… I have another promo code!

Solumbra/Sun Precautions has been super kind and has provided my readers a second 20% off promo code!

Use “HIKELITE” during checking on their website or via a phone order, and receive 20% off your order!

(note it is not “hikelighter” but “hikelite”, something about a promo code length issue on their end)

I personally want to thank Solumbra/Sun Precautions for extending this gracious offer!

This is a limited time promo code… I was told it will expire on Dec. 25, 2016.


Thanks for reading,
+John Abela

I am a sponsored hiker of Sun Precautions. I purchased a BodyShade T-Shirt and they provided the Active Pants.

5 thoughts on “Solumbra / Sun Precautions BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt + Active Pants

  1. Hi John
    I have worn the Solumbra garments years ago and switched to the Montbell Wind pants a few years back after reading your review. Do you think you will trade back someday or are you more satisfied with the Solumbra garments now? Would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Hey Laura,

      Oh, I still have a serious love for the MB Dynamo wind pants! I put them on a couple times a week.

      I am not sure if I will go back to wearing them 100%, like I use to do.

      Not to say I have found anything wrong with them, just that I have been wearing these Active Pants for the last 9 months, and the Ultra Athlete for 2+ years before them.

      It is not that I got sick of the MBDWP, but rather I have tried to stay faithful to the long term testing that most folks have come to know me for doing. I would like to get another hiking season wearing these Active Pants, just to see how they make it through two seasons, and from there, who knows, maybe I will go back to the beloved dynamo pants. No doubt I got another few hundred days of wear in my original pair.

  2. Hey John, Just discovered your reviews on YouTube; beginning to plan for el Camino pilgrimage in Spain, and very concerned about sun and heat. Will be picking up a sun ‘brolly, and also the best sun-apparel I can find.

    Here’s the question: any sunshade fabric I’ve tried has not breathed well, so I feel uncomfortable from the inside. Nothing ever breathes like cotton, but it’s not great for the sun protection. How are the Solumbra fabrics in this regard?


    Jo Anne

    1. Hello Jo Anne,

      I have a good friend over on the El Camino right now, I think this is his third route. It has been amazing to see how that trail has touched him.

      You are right that most garments made for sun protection are not very breathable.

      The approach that Solumbra has taken to achieve the significantly higher protection rating than other sun garments is by using a very very tight weave.

      As one would expect, the tighter the weave the less it will breath.

      It is for that reason that Solumbra made the ‘Ultra Athlete Shirt‘ which I have 1000+ days of use.

      The ‘BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt’ talked about on this page is a bit of a different type of fabric than your traditional sun protective fabric.

      If I were to compare the two, I would say that the Ultra Athlete Shirt is the better overall shirt, however, 9 out of 10 times I would grap the Bodyshade, because I enjoy it more, it is lighter weight, and feels cooler in the hottest of weather, and while outside it was obviously hella hot, but I did not feel I was dieing from wearing the shirt. I wear the Bodyshade as a L2 over a Mountain Hardwear WickedCool Tank (which I guess they now call the ‘Photon’ tank) and going that approach has worked out very well. If I need more, and I have it with me, the Ultra Shirt goes on over the top of the BodyShade as a L3 – not for warmth, obviously, but if the beating sun is just so brutal that something else is needed.

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