Cottage Updates, Nov 24, 2015

Here are some updates related to the cottage industry over the last few days:

  • I decided it was time to address the issue of the cottage industry offering “signatures required” options for shipping.
  • Black Rock Gear is having a 15% off and free shipping on their Sports Pack.
  • ZPacks is offering $25 off Plex tents, sleeping bags, and a rain jacket+pants combo!
  • Mountain Laurel Designs introduced some ‘Dyneema X Packing Cubes‘ this morning, and some cuben-fiber+eVENT Rain Mitts.
  • Mountain Laurel Designs is offering 50% off on the cost of their balaclava if you purchase a Spirit Quilt + Balaclava.
  • Both Montbell and Cascade Designs (MSR, Therm-a-Rest, Platypus, etc) are offering free shipping on all orders (normally have to spend $100 to get free shipping)
  • Suntactics has their awesome sCharger-5 available for an insane $99.95 right now.
  • TarpTent has announced they they are offering a $50.00 discount on the Squall 2.
  • Six Moon Designs is offering 20-50% off all of their backpacks and shelters (minus cuben fiber shelters).
  • Vargo released a video today showing off their Titanium Converter Stove.
  • Check out this post over at reddit for additional holiday deals.
  • ZPacks is now installing LineLoc3’s on the entire parameter of their Plex tents. My videos on me doing this (and other mods to the Plex tents) have obviously resulted in a lot of you seeing the wisdom in this and asking ZPacks for the same thing… they started getting so many requests for this that they just decided to do it as standard. Oh, they are also, now, apparently cutting the guylines and pre-attaching them!
  • MiniBullDesigns has introduced a new variation of his crazy popular “QMH pot” (if you have ever seen a video by shug, you have probably seen the QMH, he loves it), called the ATP, which is a flat bottom slightly larger variant of the QMH. Check out this video of the ATP, and here Tinny call me out as a “super super gram weenie” – grin/smile.

There is probably a lot more that has been announced over the last few days that I have missed, so welcome any holiday sale announcements (within the cottage industry) within a comment, if you know of one/some!


4 thoughts on “Cottage Updates, Nov 24, 2015

  1. Thanks for the cottage updates; they are really useful.

    I just purchased the sCharger-5 from Amazon for 82.95. I have no idea why there was an extra discount, but I’ll class it as a win.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Have spent the last year+ only posting this kind of stuff over on my facebook page but decided it was time to post them here at HL. Hopefully everybody that follows me via email (top right of website) does not get tired of emails alerting them about stuff like this, instead of just gear reviews and such.

      And…. dang!!! nice score on the sCharger-5!!!

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