Ambronite – A Hikers Thoughts

Ambronite - A Drinkable Supermeal
Ambronite – A Drinkable Supermeal

Greetings Adventurers!

I think we can all admit that the market of drinkable meals is one that is growing in popularity very quickly.

A small company from Finland, Ambronite Oy Ltd., has created one of the many options out there – and most importantly, one of the healthiest ones out there.

Ambronite includes 18 (mostly organic) ingredients… and nothing more… no crazy chemicals or strange by-products of by-products to try to create the ultimate drinkable meal.

  1. organic oats
  2. organic coconut
  3. organic lucuma
  4. organic chlorella
  5. wild bilberry
  6. wild sea-buckthorn
  7. organic brown rice protein
  8. organic stinging nettle
  9. organic rice bran
  10. nutritional yeast
  11. organic spinach
  12. organic spirulina
  13. organic almond
  14. organic flaxseed
  15. organic apple
  16. mineral salt
  17. organic brazil nut
  18. organic blackcurrant

If you are looking down that list of ingredients and are not sure of a few of them, no worries, I had to look a couple of them up myself.

That said, the last time I picked up a bag of drinkable meals another company sent me, I spent about two hours on wikipedia trying to figure out what kind of crazy stuff they had in it.

The ones that threw me were wild sea-buckthorn and blackcurrant, both of which are European bushes that produce small fruit.


There is a price you pay for having some of the finest and healthiest products on the planet, and Ambronite is packed with stuff that is expensive.

I have, over the last two or three years, made my own trail smoothies, and what really got me interested in Ambronite is how close it is to what I make for myself, only with more goodness in it, and amazingly, a bit less expensiveness than buying bulk products, investing the time in grinding it all, and mixing it up myself.

If you make your own drinkable concoctions along the lines of Ambronite, you know of what I speak. Buying the nuts and putting them through a burr grinder times a fair amount of time. Buying, prepping, drying, and burr grinding coconut, seeds, greens, oats, brands, and all that, can turn into a weekend event in order to produce enough for a few weeks on the trail. Ambronite might be on the expensive side if you are not used to consuming this level and type of ingredients and if you find you have an insane amount of time to do nothing else, but for those who are without a lot of time on their hands and what this level of of nutritional ingredients, it really is not hard to justify the price.

Ambronite, after cost of product and shipping works out to around ten dollars a meal. Ouch, right. Well, yeah, except try to put together something with those ingredients on your own and make it and see how much it costs. If you can do it for less and have the time, awesome!! For me, just not the case and thus the price point is worth it.


In many ways the folks at Ambronite seem to be trying to make this consumable food be something that is mixed with other drinkable meals – think, smoothies. If you look through their history of product development notes, a fair amount of effort seems to have gone into making it play nice when getting mixed together.

While it is marketed as a stand-alone meal, and can hold its own doing so, there is some serious wisdom in trying to get it to be a product that is combined together with other meals.

I have mixed Ambronite with fruit smoothies and found it to be quite good.

I have mixed Ambronite with Soylent and found it to be a great way to kick up the value (nutritional, not financial) of Soylent. Especially with Soylent 4  which is almost flavorless. I have noticed that this combination causes a great deal of build-up pressure inside the container you have it within. More than once I have had a container top pop off because of the pressure build up. By themselves neither cause this, but mixed together, better watch out!

I have mixed Ambronite with my oatgrainmuesli mix that I eat a couple times a day and it takes it to a whole other level.

I have of course also consumed it as-is without mixing it into anything else. It has a really good texture and not to strong of flavor. It also happens to be one of the few liquid foods that my friends have actually liked – and it is at the point where getting them to try liquid foods is next to impossible, given how nasty most other ones are, of which they have been gracious enough to try.

Trail Viable?

Ambronite - Nutritional Info
Ambronite – Nutritional Info

I am always having to ask myself if something is viable to be taken onto the trail. Some liquid based foods are pretty healthy for hikers, but end up being so heavy that they just do not make sense taking, others are fairly light but also fairly low on quality.

On my calibrated scale, a single package of Ambronite is 127 grams (4.49 oz).

To compare a few things: one package of my favorite brand of noodles is 116 grams (4.08 oz), three packs of my favorite instant hot oatmeal is around 131 grams (4.64 oz), twelve packets of Emergen-C “Immune+” (typically the heaviest of emergen-c packets) is 128 grams (4.52 oz), and one package (four meals) of Soylent is around 480 grams (16.91 oz) making each Soylent meal around 120 grams (4.23 oz).

I try hard to follow the 1.5 PPPPD approach, and about the max I am willing to do is 1.8PPPPD.

Obviously the PPPPD is highly unique to each hiker.

Medical issues need to be taken into account, if any, such as low or high blood sugar.

Those who are vegetarians and/or vegans of course have to approach PPPPD from a different aspect – my own experience as a vegetarian is that I tend to have to carry a few extra ounces of food per day. Remember, it is not all about protein.

As a vegetarian Ambronite has been rather beneficial to me. It has allowed me to gain some extra nutritional needs while out on the trail that would otherwise be hard to acquire.

Ambronite works out to being 44% carbs, 25% protein, and 32% fat. It is super high in iron, manganese, and B1, B6, B7, B12. It is also very low in sodium.

Here is a video of one of the bazillion ways that you can consume Ambronite while out on the trail.

In Closing:

Ambronite has become a product that has found a way into my food bags. While I cannot afford to consume it as a primary meal, by dividing it up into multiple meals it is something I find I can justify, financially, nutritionally, and the weight it adds to my backpack. Given the fact that for a few years I have made a nearly identical concoction to add to my morning meals, and how expensive and time consuming it was to make it myself, versus the price and additional nutritional value that Ambronite provides, it has become almost impossible for me to continue to make my own.

One also has to take into account their ability to consume food content that is in a drinkable form. For a good part of the year I have been consuming Soylent as my primary food intake (about 85% soylent) so I have already become accustomed to drinking my food. And for a number of years I have primarily eaten ‘mush’ style food while out on the trail, so my body – and more importantly, my brain – was already use to that style of food intake day after day, week after week, month after month. It is not something for everybody, but if you can, or already do, Ambronite could very well be worth adding into the mix of your drink/mush food consumption.

Ambronite is vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, non-gmo, additive-free, and a complete protein source. You can find them on facebook here and over on instagram too!


Oh, and did I mention I have a coupon that they have given me to share!!

Use “HIKELIGHTER” when checking out and you can score $20 off your purchase!!  (saaaay whaaatt!!!, yep, 20 bucks off. I use this myself… it rocks!!)

This coupon is good for a single purchase AND the monthly subscription – oh yeah!!

Anyway, I would like to thank the kind folks at Ambronite for contacting me, and for sending me out a sample. I have tried a whole lot of these drinkable meals and when it comes to pure quality and natural food, Ambronite is without a doubt the best that I have tried!

Thanks for reading,
+John Abela

In accordance of USA Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255: I hereby declare that at the time this article is published that I am a sponsored hiker of Black Rock Gear, Montbell US, Suluk46, Sun Precautions.

5 thoughts on “Ambronite – A Hikers Thoughts

  1. I wonder if an equivalent meal could be made with half the number of ingredients. Sometimes keeping things simpler is better. At $10 per meal it seems expensive. I would prefer to use some of Chef Glenn’s recipies and diversity of ingredients. I like the idea of weight per person per day. I try for 600 grams GPPPD but up to 800 GPPPD is fine to account for some treats and pleasures. The challenge is to ensure that everything you plan for is actually eaten and not have either too much or too little. Compared to shaving a few grams off other things or cutting tootbrush handles the GPPPD is much more worth planning for. Thanks for the note on the product though as I like to try new things now and again.

    1. The PPPPD has been around a fairly long time. Not really sure how long that term has been used at NOLS.

      Like everything related to nutrition, it has to be approached differently for everybody. I know long hikers that can get away with 1.1PPPD and others that need 2.3PPPPD.

      I think to think of the PPPPD equation has a guideline to help me determine weight-to-nutritional-value… knowing about what I need to keep me going.

  2. Hi John – I also got a sample from my blog – Tastes like sh#^t – Love the concept. Can’t they add something to make it taste less like ‘baby food’?

  3. OK, if you have deep pockets, for replacing a meal per day while also consuming other daily REAL LIVE WHOLE RAW FOODS or on weekend/week long warrior SUL drink a meal approaches. On longer hikes going 2-3 wks or more drinking food all day as your only food everyday gets old fast even with carrying different flavors. Two wks of only drinking my trail food scavenged thimbleberries and huckleberries were a Real Food Whole Food treat I relished with near abandon. Once in town, French Fries, which I normally don’t eat off trail started even looking good.

    Since I’m not seeing advertised anywhere Ambronite being RAW I’ll assume, likely correctly, it contains little or no enzymes as living Whole or Raw foods do. I’d maybe substitute an entire meal with Ambronite once in a while or supplement it to b-fasts(millet, amaranth, oats, quinoa, etc) or a few dinner entrees, as you do John, but would never again go long stretches eating/drinking just a shake as food on a hike for convenience sake, saving another 2 ounces a day in food wt, or for the compactness. Your results may vary and they usually do when it comes to nutrition.

    In short, I’d rather supplement with Vega One or Garden Of Life Raw Meal.

    Too much of a chemistry experiment mixing powders that makes eating well seem even more complex in some ways. Of course though all these powdered drink meal replacements market their ingredients as the best nutritionally, this is ALL you need, etc. C’est la vie.

    THX John

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