Mountain Laurel Designs, 2-Layer Rain Mitts (CF + eVENT)

I posted this over on my facebook page, but I have been getting a lot of people saying they refuse to use facebook and are thus not able to see everything I post, so I will likely be posting more short/brief posts here at to correspond with posts over on facebook.

Early last week Mountain Laurel Designs posted a very brief message (on facebook) that they had released a new 2-layer CF + eVENT version of their crazy popular, and much loved, Rain Mitts.

They have just sent me to share with all of you.

I have been using my MLD Rain Mitts for many years and are one of the absolutely must-have items in my backpack.

I have used them at least a dozen times so far this month.

The new CF+eVENT version of the Rain Mitts are half the weight of the 100% eVENT mitts.

Both versions at the same price.

Check out the description on the product page for more information!

Available for purchase at:

MLD CF Rain Mitts
On the outside they look pretty much identical to the 100% eVENT versions!
MLD CF Rain Mitts
Front & Back of the rain mitts
MLD CF Rain Mitts
wow, packs down tiny!

8 thoughts on “Mountain Laurel Designs, 2-Layer Rain Mitts (CF + eVENT)

  1. I absolutely agree that there are those of us who WILL NOT USE Facebook, and greatly appreciate your continued posting via email. Your advice over the years has proved invaluable.

    1. Hey James, thanks for taking the time to let me know.

      The downside is that the HL website could end up being more along the lines of what others already do… post an insane amount of times throughout the year with very little substance to any of it. While I realize most of my articles this year have been on the poor side of quality content, I just have to weigh how much of that I want on the HL website going into 2016 and beyond.

  2. John,

    Thanks for the heads up about the new MLD Rain Mitts. One quick question. Do they require seam sealing?

    1. Hey Vince,

      Ah dang it I forgot to address that.

      Ron Bell and I were talking about that (I asked him) and he said they will require seam sealing.

      It was a rather long conversation, but it basically came down to long-term durability without failures. As I am sure you know MLD likes being at the top of the quality and assurance realm of this industry. The cf bonding tape is just not up to doing the task over the long haul so they opted to not even go down that route of possible product failures.

      I have a lot of use with my 100% eVENT gloves… and I never seam sealed them.

  3. Hi John, how do these compare vs the Zpacks cuben waterproof gloves? I have the zpacks already but if these are better then I’ll go with these….

    1. hey fabian, I honestly cannot say. i have never used either of them. while we (the industry) knows, for the most part, the data on the fabric that zpacks uses, i do not think/know if guys like richard nisley have been able to put this fabric that mld is using under their scopes.

      these days, i tend to think if you got something that already works, why spend the money on something else, unless that something else just totally blows away what you already have.

      for somebody that does not already have rain mitts, i would say go with whichever company you are already placing an order at.

      for all i know, the fabric might be identical on both the mld and zpacks rain mitts… it would make sense if they were both the same… they both look the same, both about the same weight… and we know that the fabric zpacks uses is the wpbcfevent that I have already long discussed/wrote about. the way that mld describes it, makes it sound like the same thing, a “cf+eVENT”. Perhaps it is just a matter of zpacks calling it a three layer and mld calling it a two layer.

      if it sounds like i am as confused as everybody else… well, it is because i am.

      the important aspect in all of this announcement is that MLD is now offering two different types of fabrics. a 100% eVENT fabric and a cf+event fabric.

      you know i do not like doing company-vs-company comparisons… and this is why… the niche ul/sul/xul market is just too small.

  4. Like my Tachyon wind breaker, these mitts pack a great bang (warmth) for the buck (weight & volume). My events go with me 90% of the time.

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