Klymit Static V Luxe – Finally, a worthy WIDE sleeping pad!

Klymit Static V Luxe, stock photo.
Klymit Static V Luxe, stock photo.
(I cannot find the photos I already took, and it is dark outside right now. I will shoot some more photos and get them added to the article as soon as I can get the chance to do so)

Greetings all,

Over the last few years I have written a number of reviews on Klymit gear, including the Klymit Static V sleeping pad, the Klymit Double Diamond Vest, and the Klymit Motion 35 backpack, as well as reviews of other Klymit gear that has been published at other websites. Suffice to say, I have been a fan of Klymit for many a years. Great gear, great people.

In October of 2014 during an email conversation with my friends over at Klymit, I asked if they could make me a shortened version of the Klymit Static V Luxe.

Now, I know what you are thinking… “What in the world would Abela be using one of those heavy things for?!?!“… I know… I know… but hear me out here.

If you have followed my articles here at HikeLighter.Com and my rather active facebook page, you know that I have been looking for an extra wide sleeping pad for a rather long time. But nothing has come along. I even came up with, and submitted to Klymit, my purposed (and rather comical)Klymit Wing” idea. So, it has been no secret that I have been after a wide sleeping pad, and that is what drove me to the Static V Luxe.

At 30-inches (76.2 cm) wide, the Klymit Static V Luxe is a pretty big boy in the world of sleeping pads.

But at 76-inches (193 cm) long, it was just too long for my needs, so, I asked if they could shorten it up for me, they said yes, so I ordered one from their website and about a week later a 52-inch (132 cm) when inflated Static V Luxe showed up!

I pulled it out of the box, took it outside, inflated it, and tossed it on the ground, got on it, and started rolling over from side to side… and guess what… I didn’t fall off my sleeping pad!!! Weehooo!!

Let’s face it, the facts are well know, over 40% of the world’s population are side/fetal sleepers! This on-going movement by the sleeping pad market to make pads narrower-and-narrower (in a quest to make them lighter and lighter) has gotten to a point of ridiculousness – and not just for side sleepers, I hear back/tummy sleepers complaining about this too.

Through the entire shoulder/winter season of 2014-2015 I have been using the Klymit Static V Luxe on most of my hikes. Yeah, it is not a high r-value sleeping pad, and I did use it on a few sub-freezing temperature nights, and it – obviously – performed like any sleeping pad with a one-r-value rating.

With a combination of my Icebreaker base-layer garments and my Mountain Laurel Designs Spirit 28 quilt, I was able to stay warm enough.

Except for the first time I inflated it, I have used the Camp-tek Microburst (which Therm-A-Rest brilliantly bought rights to resell) as there is just no way I am going to sit and try to inflate the Static V Luxe by mouth, more than one time… plus, that would be a whole lot of condensation being blown into the pad. Highly recommend buying one of these devices if you buy the Static V Luxe – the extra few ounces is just so worth it in so many ways.

Anyway, I want to keep this article/review short… so to wrap this up…

I have seriously fallen in love with the Klymit Static V Luxe. Yes, it is on the heavy side of sleeping pads, especially given its 1.3 r-value rating. I have been asking and hoping that Klymit would release a version that does not use 75D fabric. In this day and age with most hikers using their pads inside shelters, or on tyvek/the-like, there is just so very little reason for 75D fabric being used. Yeah, they can use it on their MilSpec pads, but I really do look forward to a day when Klymit uses some lighter weight material for their sleeping pads. It could go a long way to offset the only negative thing (weight) that I have in regards to the Klymit Static V Luxe. All that said, for those who are not too concerned about a few extra ounces, and are more concerned about a wide sleeping pad, the Klymit Static V Luxe really is the sleeping pad I am recommending. Find ways to get the rest of your BPW down, and you can afford a lux’ury item or two, and the Static V Luxe can be your one luxury item, like it has been for me.

Oh, and did I mention… like all of the Klymit sleeping pads, they are extremely well priced when compared to other sleeping pads out there! It is over 50% less expensive than the sleeping pad I bought before it.

You can buy the Static V Luxe directly from Klymit or at Amazon.Com or REI… it does not really matter where… just go buy one if you are after a wide sleeping pad!

+John Abela


In accordance of USA Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255: I hereby declare that at the time this article is published that I am a sponsored hiker of Black Rock Gear, Montbell US, Suluk46, Sun Precautions, Suntactics.

7 thoughts on “Klymit Static V Luxe – Finally, a worthy WIDE sleeping pad!

  1. Thanks for the review, John. I have the Klymit Static V Luxe and the NeoAir Trekker and I am trying to decide between the two. I have used the Trekker quite a bit but have only demo’d the Luxe in my living room. The Trekker is slightly more comfortable (you can’t feel the baffles) and the horizontal baffles allow the pad to bend slightly and fill in the curve in my lower back (lordosis). But oh the luxury of those extra 5 inches of the Luxe! I’m over thinking it as usual and not sure which way I’ll go but I hope the Luxe works out in the field. Klymit seems open to feedback so let’s hope for that lower D fabric to get the weight down. Also, a big thanks for the Microburst pump recommendation. I’ve been looking for a bellow type inflator but this is so much better.

    1. Yeah, it would be nice if they moved to a lower D fabric. Been two or three years that I’ve been asking. Perhaps their heat sealing method has a higher failure rate on lower D material (????) no idea.

  2. Great review, and good to hear, that Klymit are able to handle custom orders.
    I was wondering if you tried the Luxe with a sleeping bag, or only use quilt? Will the bag insulate you from the ground – coldness?

  3. Thanks John. Interesting article. When I finally buy another pad it will be at least 25″ wide. Hate falling off and not being comfortable. Have you seen the thread on blowing up a pad with a trash bag? I think I saw it on Gossamer Gears site. So, it could be a multi-use piece of gear and is only 2 oz’ or so. And it beats doing it by mouth, in several ways.

    If Klymit would bring the weight down and the R value up they’d have a smashing product.

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