[Announced] Six Moon Designs ‘Minimalist’ Backpack!

Six Moon Designs Minimalist

Some OMG exciting news today from the folks at Six Moon Designs!!

A new backpack called the “Minimalist” was just announced. It is, as I am reading things, SMD basically taking their previous, and well-known-to-be-too-damn-heavy backpacks, and getting the weight down to be closer to many of the other comparable backpacks on the market these days… yet still using their ultimate class-defining, and what I feel to be the finest load weight distribution on the market, harness suspension system.

I could very much see this new backpack become a major player in the long-distance hiking world. It sort of checks off most of the boxes that were left unchecked from their previous generation of backpacks.

All you 2018 thru-hikers should be giving this new backpack a serious checking out!

This could very quickly become my new favorite backpack, for those times when I need a larger volume backpack if my current love for the SMD backpack lineup is any indication.

Price is expected to be $210 bucks.

The lowest weight configuration is indicated to be 740 g (26 oz) with a max’ed-out configuration hitting the scale at 1020 grams (36 oz) for the full shebang of stays, hip belts, and the vest style harness.

Check out the details of this new “Minimalist” at https://www.sixmoondesigns.com/blogs/news/the-minimalist-new-for-2018

2 thoughts on “[Announced] Six Moon Designs ‘Minimalist’ Backpack!

    1. Hey Jeremy.

      Yeah, I have always gone “WTF?” with the whole outer pockets on the SMD backpacks. The ‘not exactly side pockets, not exactly back pockets‘ just always felt, strange… off. Wierd.

      So seeing SMD go back to an almost traditional back pocket is really nice.

      I plan on getting one of these packs.

      And, if SMD ever updates their Flight 30, absolutely plan on getting one of them too (unless they just totally screw it up, which I would highly doubt).

      And yeah, I can see this being a bit of competition to both GG and ULA. Not so much the MLD Burn, nor the HMG/Zpacks/AU/KS sector.

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