Synthetic Garment Layering

Here is a video that goes into detail of the synthetic garment layering system that I have been using, and plan to continue using during the 2018, and beyond, hiking seasons.

Here are links to the gear mentioned in this video:

For more insight into this matter see my article “Why Synthetic?

Post-publication update: It has been pointed out to me that Enlightened Equipment makes a synthetic balaclava that has snap buttons on it, just like the Nunatak version, called the “Hoodlum“, so if you are after a synthetic balaclava with buttons, go check it out! (seriously, every balaclava should have snap buttons. so much easier to put on, and the ability to vent when things get a bit too warm, but you still want to keep it on… one of those ‘duh’ things that I just do not understand why everybody does not do it.)

Thanks and hope you have found something helpful!
+John Abela

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