Knee Pillow, The Making Of

Knee Pillow

Greetings Adventurers!

Here is a video on how to make a Knee Pillow, for those who are side sleepers and suffer from knee-on-knee pain at night.

The product used to make a Knee Pillow is the Klymit Cush which are usually around $13 bucks over on amazon.

The heating iron that I use is about $6 bucks, also available on amazon.

It should take you about 2 minutes to make a Knee Pillow, most of that time waiting for the iron to heat up.

I have been using an identical version of the Knee Pillow I make in this video for over a year without any failures.

It can also perform double duty if you happen to forget your pillow, and even triple duty if you find yourself needing a butt/hip pad/pillow and not a knee pillow, or even buy two of the Cush pads and make two, one of your knees, one for your hips, and you will be good to go!

A special thanks to all the kind folks over on my facebook page that gave me, and sold at a huge discount, their cush pads so that I could make all of the experimental versions that I have made.

The version in the video below is perhaps not the best of the best that I have put together, but it is certainly in the top three, and by far the quickest and easiest to make. The main idea in this video is to plant the idea and have others run with it and make their own version, or just duplicate what I show and have a simple Knee Pillow!

I hope all of you enjoy this and I look forward to any responses/feedback from those of you that give it a try!

2 thoughts on “Knee Pillow, The Making Of

  1. Awesome! Been trying to find a solution to this problem! Thanks! I modified my neo air Lite Large pad using this cut and seal method. I wanted the 25″ width, but at 5’6″ the length was way more than necessary. It lightened my pad by 4oz!

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