Knee Pillow, The Making Of

Knee Pillow

Greetings Adventurers!

Here is a video on how to make a Knee Pillow, for those who are side sleepers and suffer from knee-on-knee pain at night.

The product used to make a Knee Pillow is the Klymit Cush which are usually around $13 bucks over on amazon.

The heating iron that I use is about $6 bucks, also available on amazon.

It should take you about 2 minutes to make a Knee Pillow, most of that time waiting for the iron to heat up.

I have been using an identical version of the Knee Pillow I make in this video for over a year without any failures.

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Resizing a Therm-a-rest Evolite Sleeping Pad

Greetings adventurers!

All credit to the photos and stats within this article goes to Derek Weeks – thanks to him for providing them to me and allowing me to republish them!

After publishing my article Resizing the Massdrop x Klymit Static V Ultralight Sleeping Pad I have had a number of people contact me asking about resizing such-and-such sleeping pad. I have been able to respond to all of them with details about the given pad, but then a request came in about details on the Therm-a-rest Evolite sleeping pad.

Some may remember I gave the Evolite my ‘2015 Gear of the Year‘ award for sleeping pads. While it may be on the almost-heavy side of sleeping pads these days, the pure luxurious comfort of the Evolite has made it a fairly popular sleeping pad for the given weight (slightly over 1 pound) category it exists within.

One of the comments within the article was from Derek Weeks, who asked:

Do you think that {resizing a} Therm-a-Rest EvoLite Sleeping Pad would work with the foam inside?

Amazingly, the Evolite is probably the only sleeping pad I have owned in the last five years that I have not resized.

Derek mentioned in a follow-up comment that he was going to give it a try and I asked if he would email me some photos of how it went.

Two days later he emails me the photos you see within this article!

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Resizing the Massdrop x Klymit Static V Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Resizing the Massdrop x Klymit Static V Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Greetings adventurers,

Last month I published an article entitled ‘Massdrop x Klymit ‘Static V Ultra Light‘ in which I took at look at the collaboration work between Massdrop and Klymit with the introduction of their new 20d fabric sleeping pad.

Towards the end of the article I made this statement:

I know some of you are going to be wondering about modifying the Massdrop x Klymit ‘Static V Ultra Light’. As some of us have – myself included – with other Klymit (and even TaR) sleeping pads, the Massdrop x Klymit ‘Static V Ultra Light’ is manufactured like all of the other Klymit sleeping pads, that is, with a heat pressure machine. This means that you will easily be able to cut down the Massdrop x Klymit ‘Static V Ultra Light’ from the standard 72″ length to something in the shorter range

I was asked if I would be willing to make a video showing how this is done.

It took me a bit of work, as the video shoot unfortunately turned into about 3.5 hours of total video, as I talked my way through every little step as I was recording. The total shoot time spanned three days of modifying the pad (and thus shooting video) with a one day delay due to my archaic iron not working and having to purchase a new one.

For the sake of everybody, I got the main video shortened down to about 40 minutes.

I realize that is still a very long video and I will not feel bad if anybody skips ahead to the good part, towards the end, but hopefully there will be something in the first 30 or so minutes that will interest some folks.

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Mountain Laurel Designs, “Spirit Quilt” 28°

MLD Spirit Quilt, in fully open mode. Offering an at-home style of sleeping!
MLD Spirit Quilt, in quilt mode, or fully open mode, is an exceptional synthetic sleep quilt.

The Mountain Laurel Designs “Spirit 28° Quilt“, my first synthetic sleeping quilt, has proven to be an exceptional piece of hiking gear. The quality of build, the attention to details, the type of fabric used, and of course the ClimaShield APEX, all make the Spirit quilt my quilt of choice.

Last year when I decided to make the move away from using goose/duck down products I knew that the selection of synthetic quilts to pick from was going to be small. I also knew that I would not even bother looking. The amount of hikers I truly respect that have given the MLD Spirit quilt the highest praise that can be given, just made the decision for me. I was not disappointed. Exceptional, truly exceptional.

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JetBoil Sol Ti (titanium) Cup Resizing Modification

EBY265, Resized 400ml Jetboil Sol Ti. Full size Jetboil Sol Ti.
EBY265, Resized 400ml Jetboil Sol Ti. Full size Jetboil Sol Ti.

Greetings hikers, adventure racers, alpinists, runners, and all other outdoor enthusiasts.

In April of 2011 I was the first person to post an online review – both a video and article – of the then brand new “Jetboil Sol Ti” which has become one of the highest awarded cooking systems the outdoor industry has seen in the last decade. Before the Sol Ti was released I had used their aluminium “Personal Cooking System“, the original Jetboil, and had extensively used the Jetboil “Helios” system. In May of 2013 I posted an extensive review sharing my overall thoughts on the Jetboil Sol Ti as well as numerous modifications that I have made to my Sol Ti.

Since the very first day that I held the Jetboil Sol Ti there was this thought in the back of my mind, “I wonder what it would weight, and how fast it would boil, if the volume of the cup was not 27 oz (0.8 Liter)?

Two years later, I have finally taken the time to find out these two questions.

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