[Deal] Zpacks Bear Bags

The Zpacks Bear Bag kit includes… the bag, cordage, a carabiner, and a cute little rocksack.

It is not all that often that I share about price deals via my website, I think the last one was when I reviewed and offered a coupon for the Solumbra BodyShade Tshirt (which I now have 500+ days of wearing, and hope to have a follow-up review out soon), and as all of you know, Zpacks pretty much never offers deals (sometimes for the holidays they do), but every so often they work out a deal with my good friends over at Massdrop — Yep, I am a huge fan of Massdrop, check out my MD profile if you want to follow me over there.

Anyway, right now there is a Massdrop deal for the Zpacks bear bags, what has pretty much become one of the de facto bear bags for thru-hikers.

If you are in the USA you can save $9.95 from the normal price of the bear bag (after shipping fees are calculated) and I am pretty sure that is better than any Christmas/season deal that Zpacks has offered in the past.

The exception to that is if you are in California, which means you have to pay tax, sigh, like me, so the savings goes down to $6.72 which puts it around the best deal that Zpacks has ever offered IIRC.

I am not sure how international shipping would affect things, maybe an extra couple bucks, Massdrop has been working hard to reduce international shipping fees.

Anyway, the bear bags, over at massdrop, are located at:


(referral link + extra tags so you can actually see the drop w/o having to be a member)

If, for some strange reason, you do not feel like saving some money, you can buy the bear bag directly from zpacks, obviously.

I would love to hear some feedback/stories from everybody that has used a zpacks bear bag!

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