Solumbra ‘Active Pants’ [400+ Days of Use]

A friend took this picture of me while out on a hike in late 2016. The indigo color of the Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘ has not faded after one full year of wearing them, and the pants have had zero durability issues, even from scrambling over fallen trees, through nasty blackberry bushes, and cactus, rocks and boulders down in the deserts in and around Death Valley.

Greetings Adventurers!

The Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘ are a pair of lightweight, durable, and high sun level protective pants designed for just about anybody for use in just about any outdoor type of activity.

I received mine from Solumbra, a company that has been a sponsor of mine for a few years, when I ordered/bought some other Solumbra garments. The pants got added into the box and I have been really happy that Solumbra tossed them in, as I have now worn the pants for over 400+ days – while out on working on building new hiking trail routes, while hiking throughout California (from the Redwoods to Death Valley), and around town and at home. Solumbra wanted me to give them a go and let them know how they would hold up to the type of long term outdoor testing that I tend to put gear through, much like what I did with the 600+ consecutive days of wear/testing of the Solumbra, Ultra Athlete Shirt and Pants that I bought a number of years ago and wore from 2013 onward until I started wearing these Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘.

Over the course of the 400+ days of use they have had zero damage. No rips, no tears, no dethreading issues, nothing.

They have been washed in creeks and rivers across California and at home, and have lost almost none (under 5% I would say) of their original blue (indigo) colour.

Due to the lighter weight fabric that your traditional pair of pants tend to be made from, I did not expect the fabric to hold up to a great deal of abuse, but it turns out that I was wrong in that presumption.

The bottom leg cuffs have had zero damage, and unlike most other pants I have worn in the past, I did not treat these with any extra care, in fact just the opposite, I have abused these pants more than any other pants I have worn in the last 10 years. Impressive durability for a 251 gram (8.8 oz) pair of outdoor / athletic pants.

The Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘ are 100+ SPF, have small side hand pockets, and have a drawstring closure, and that is pretty much it in the features department. I have lost a small bit of weight over the last 400 days and the drawstring, on my size medium pants, is still holding strong. I rarely find myself tightening or loosening the drawstring. I have rarely used the pockets, they could have come without the pockets and I would never have been worse off.

On my scale, the Active Pants are 251 grams (8.85 oz) for a size medium.


The vast majority of the time my lower body layering system has gone as such (over a pair of briefs):

Most days: just the Solumbra ‘Active Pants

Rainy days: just the Solumbra ‘Active Pants

Really cold windy days: the Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘, with the Montbell Dynamo Wind Pants (and more recently the tachyon) over the top.

Trail running days: the Salomon S-Lab Exo Twinskin Shorts and either the Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘ or the MB wind pants, as needed.

Really really cold days: Kora ‘Shola 230’ Leggings, with the Solumbra ‘Active Pants‘ over them, than the Montbell Dynamo Wind Pants (and more recently the tachyon), and over them a pair of Montbell U.L. Thermawrap Pants (review coming at some point) [sometimes i switch which direction the last two go on, depending on how gnarly the terrain is]

The photo below, from my instagram account, was snapped as I was doing a road walk in between two towns on a 700+ mile trail I am developing. I started the day just wearing the Active Pants, even though it had been raining all night and morning, but the cold road and logging trucks passing by caused me to put on my Montbell Dynamo Wind Pants over the Solumbra Active Pants, just to help keep my legs warm.

What The Future Holds:

I plan to continue wearing these into the 2017 hiking season. The pants have not given me any reason to stop using them. They still fit, they are without any damage or holes, they still look good and have not faded in colour, and I have not gotten to a point where I am tired of wearing them.

All of that pretty much means they get to keep on trucking. My last update on these pants was around the 270 day mark, and now at the 400 days mark, so I suspect somewhere around the 600 day mark, I will get around to posting another update on them. Somebody remind me if I forget too!

Check out the picture below from my instagram page, where I was wearing the Active Pants on a day hike with my sister, when she was visiting for a couple of days last year.

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Hanging out with my sister in the Redwoods today!

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Where To Buy:

Here are all of the Solumbra garments that I use, love, and recommend:

Solumbra Active Pants – unisex pants
Solumbra BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt – Men
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Shirt – Full Zipper, Men
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Shirt – Half Zipper, Men
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Pants – Men
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Shirt – Full Zipper, Ladies
Solumbra Ultra Athlete, Pants – Ladies
Solumbra Fingerless Gloves
Solumbra Ultimate Crusher Hat
Solumbra Sade Scarf
Solumbra Helmet Drape

And check out this page for more of my thoughts on other Solumbra products that I have used!

Thanks for reading,
+John Abela

I am a sponsored hiker of Sun Precautions. When I purchased a BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt (and other stuff) Solumbra included the Active Pants in the package for me to test out. This article was originally published at:

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