Black Rock Gear ‘The Northern Lights Collection’


Greetings Adventurers!

About once a year our awesome friends, and a sponsor of mine, over at Black Rock Gear put together a very small production of usually crazy wild colour beanies – and they just did so again!

This time around they are calling them the ‘Northern Light Collection‘ – love that name!

They have a ‘hunter orange’ colour that I suspect is going to be crazy popular – might want to try to be one of the first to grab one, if you are into orange gear, which I know a lot of you are!

The ‘aurora red’ could also be pretty popular. Not sure I have seen that colour of a beanie from BRG before.

The ‘silver pearl’ looks like it could be a really good neutral colour, for those that are not into having their gear stand out and screaming “look at me, I’m a beanie!” – but hey, if you got a BRG beanie, why would you not want it to be doing that!

Speaking of the silver pearl colour, I can neither confirm nor deny that the next production run of the Synthetic Beanie that I worked with BRG to bring into production, is going to be made with this colour. Now, even if I could confirm that such was going to happen, I could not confirm when it is going to happen… but… well, you know ;)

There is a slight change from the Original Beanie and these ‘Northern Light Collection‘ beanies, and that is a difference in fabric.

New: 30d outer shell and lined with ultrasoft 10d Nobul lining

So it looks like BRG has decided to pimp out these collector editions with some slightly more durable outer fabric. The Original Beanie uses a 10d, 15d, or 20d fabric, depending on what colour you pick.

For those of you wondering about weight differences in all those different denier fabrics, I would say to not even worry about it, there is so little fabric in a beanie that such slight differences in fabric weight is mostly inconsequential – and at the same time, BRG is going with a 10d on the inside of all these new beanies, so that lighter weight fabric likely offsets any tiny weight differences with the 30d fabric.

So yeah, expect a slightly tougher outer fabric with these Northern Light Collection beanies, and the next run of the Synthetic Beanies, to have a slightly lighter weight and softer fabric on the inside.

Oh, did I mention the Northern Light Collection is on sale… yeah, $10 bucks off the normal price – double score for us… discount price on a collector series editions!

Head over to to buy one of these soon to be sold Black Rock Gear collector edition Northern Light beanies!!

+John Abela

Disclaimer: As of the time of this being published I am proudly sponsored by Black Rock Gear. I typically buy all of the gear that I use, even when I am sponsored by a company. I receive zero commission nor payment for any products that I (co)design and which companies manufacture.


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