Black Rock Gear ‘The Northern Lights Collection’


Greetings Adventurers!

About once a year our awesome friends, and a sponsor of mine, over at Black Rock Gear put together a very small production of usually crazy wild colour beanies – and they just did so again!

This time around they are calling them the ‘Northern Light Collection‘ – love that name!

They have a ‘hunter orange’ colour that I suspect is going to be crazy popular – might want to try to be one of the first to grab one, if you are into orange gear, which I know a lot of you are!

The ‘aurora red’ could also be pretty popular. Not sure I have seen that colour of a beanie from BRG before.

The ‘silver pearl’ looks like it could be a really good neutral colour, for those that are not into having their gear stand out and screaming “look at me, I’m a beanie!” – but hey, if you got a BRG beanie, why would you not want it to be doing that!

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