[Photos] Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 3.0 & Groove Stereo Waist Belt

I just got these yesterday, woot!

Below are photos of the 2016, version 3.0, of the most beloved Ultimate Direction PB Vest and the new Groove Stereo double water bottle waist belt.

Loaded them up and went on an eight mile (12.8km) run around my area last night. I have 1000+ miles (1600+km) on my original PB Vest (also shown below, the red colour one) and it is still going strong, but an additional 5 liters of volume on the new version pretty much made me go buy it. It is going to take some getting use to, a few significant changes to it.

I will share additional thoughts in the months ahead after I get some miles on it. As for the Groove Stereo, well, that darn thing I have to say highly impressed me. Cannot lie that the price tag was a sticker shock, as they say, and I was crazy hesitant to buy it, but I really, desperately, wanted to see how it would pair up with the new PB vest, specifically if they would hit each other or not while running down the trail.  Thankfully they do not. But anyway, yeah, that double water bottle waist belt, just in the eight miles I did, impressed me big time. What a sweet method this will be to carry a serious amount of water. My ZPacks multi-pack might have finally meet some real competition!

Anyway, enough yapping, here are some photos for ya. I will likely get a video out on these two new items in the months ahead. I am not a big video guy anymore, but I will try to get something pushed out to my youtube channel, and I will absolutely be sharing more about them on my facebook page.


March 16, 2016 – Added two additional photos to show soft and hard water bottles inside of the ‘burrito’ pocket.

4 thoughts on “[Photos] Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 3.0 & Groove Stereo Waist Belt

  1. Looks awesome! And so timely, I have been doubting between the PB vest and the AK vest (11L, but with two normal front bottle pockets). I would prefer the 16L from the new PB vest (love love love my old one, but really wouldn’t mind slightly more capacity for long runs or speed hikes.

    I now it is early, but in your experience can you put a bottle in the burrito pocket? I mean, without it shaking all over the place or with the zipper opening up on you?

    Thoughts greatly appreciated!
    Looking forward to a later review.

    1. Hello Jakuchu,

      I took two additional photographs and added them. They show both the hard and soft water bottles within the ‘burrito‘ left shoulder pocket. Additionally, I can get an iphone 6+ with the massive ‘mophie juice pack‘ inside of the same pocket.

      The extra volume of this 3.0 generation is really what makes it appealing. I also like the hardware being used on this version, no idea if it is the same as the 2.0 (never owned that generation) but the hardware being used is nicer than the 1.0 generation.

      In regards to all the pockets… I like almost all of them. There is a very strange side-entry pocket on the back side. With all the other outer pockets the pack has, it would kind of be nice if it was either not there or a pocket only accessible from inside the water pocket (which is where it is sewn into). This burrito pocket is going to take some getting use to. I can see why others that own the 3.0 generation are also saying the same thing. It is, no doubt, super sweet to have somewhere to put your phone, PLB, or a whole bunch of bars/gels, but after so many years of running vests having the standard two water pockets, it is just something that is different – not good, not bad, just different.

      1. Hi John, thanks so much for the feedback.
        I have seen the UD Fastpack 30 with a similar (same?) pocket. I wasn’t looking for that capacity and got a 20, but was glad that had a symmetrical set up with two normal front bottle pockets. In the case of the 30 it is less important though, because you can shove your spare bottle in the side pocket.

        Why I like two normal water bottle pockets is that you can have one bottle with fuel (maltodextrin or whatever) and one with water or green tea (either for if you want to rinse your mouth, or because at that time you don’t want/need energy with your hydration). I have two raid light bottles with the angled straws that work perfectly for drinking without taking the bottles out of the pocket. I really like this set up.

        It is great to hear both hard and soft bottles don’t bounce around in the new pocket. Regardless, I’m still a bit on the fence about getting it because of this set up (I have to buy unseen).


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