ZPacks ‘Wallet Zip Pouch’ – SIX Years of Daily Use!

My Zpacks ‘Wallet Zip Pouch‘ is still surviving after SIX years of daily use!!

I think I first wrote about the Wallet Zip Pouch back in 2015, after using it for two years.

It has been a daily use wallet for me since the day that I got it.

Back in 2017 I posted an update on the wallet and gave it my “Top Gear Award” – one of the very few products that I have ever given it too.

So continuing on in my every-two-year update on this product, how it is doing, now that I have used it for six years?

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Zpacks ‘Wallet Zip Pouch’, 6+ Years of Daily Use!


Greetings Adventurers!

The Zpacks ‘Wallet Zip Pouch‘ is now officially receiving my “Top Pick” gear award!

Update, June 2019: I have now passed the 6 years of use mark. I have updated the article/title to reflect this!

Update, January 2018: I have now passed the 2,000 days of use mark! I have updated the article/title to reflect this!

Update, October 2017: I have now passed the 1,500 days of use mark! I have updated the article/title to reflect this!

I initially posted an article on the wallet zip pouch after using it for 800+ days, back in June of 2015. I have since given my ‘Top Pick‘ award to the Zpacks ‘Wallet Zip Pouch‘.

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ZPacks Zip Pouches, Two Year Usage Review

ZPacks Zip Pouch
ZPacks Zip Pouch

Update: Please see my 2000+ days update of this article!

I think it was in early 2013 that ZPacks introduced a set of neat little zippered pouches designed to hold things, such as glasses, passports, wallet content, and so forth. I ordered a few and over the last two years have used most of them at one time or another – and have used one of them every day as my primary wallet.

I did not expect for it to become my daily wallet, but over time it just proved to be the perfect size and meet the requirements I obviously wanted, but did not know I wanted, in an enclosed wallet – my first enclosed wallet in my life.

Earlier this year I upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus and it does not fit into the ZPacks Pouch I have been using – my iPhone 5 did fit – and now, thankfully, ZPacks has released a new zippered pouch called the ‘ZPacks, Phablet Zip Pouch‘ which is suppose to fit an iPhone6+, so I just bought one of those. I just hope that it is big enough as I have a Mophie iPhone 6 Plus Juice Pack attached to my iPhone6+

Ok… seriously, how much can be said about a zippered pouch? Some I suppose could say a lot, but I am not one of them, so, moving on, here are some photos of the pouch I have used for around 800 days, to show how amazingly well it has held up, both out on the trail and at home / around town.

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0.54 gram wallet

0.54 gram wallet
0.54 gram wallet

Greetings Hikers,

When I am out on a long distance hike the less I have to carry the better, and I quickly become tired of having my money, identification, and a credit card in a heavy wallet or thrown into a stuff sack with other gear where the chances of loosing things increases. Early last year I was expressing some frustration about this matter with a friend of mine who makes some of my custom made gear, and he was gracious enough to put together for me a custom made wallet made from 0.34 cuben fiber that holds three plastic cards and a maximum of around twelve pieces of paper currency.

The vast majority of the time I carry fifty dollars in currency with me while out hiking. Five one dollar bills that I might use in trail towns for small snacks,  five five dollar bills that I use to slip folks who give me a ride or other trail angels, and one twenty for if I should need to buy something else that does not warrant me using a credit card. I also carry my drivers license/identification, a credit card, an insurance card, and typically a calling card with enough money on it to make a phone call if I happen to get into a situation where I need to call home and have no other means of calling than to use a calling card. Continue reading “0.54 gram wallet”