Gear for sale, cottage updates, ramblings

Greetings adventurers,

Hope everybody is having a wonderful May. Crazy that the year is almost halfway gone.

First up is some gear for sale. I have listed all of this gear within the facebook “SUL/XUL Gear Swap” Group, but wanted to post it here for those that do not do facebook.

If you are wanting to buy any of the below gear, please contact me.

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Ramblings: February 02, 2016

Six Moon Designs 'Cuben Haven Tarp' + Haven NetTent + 4 Suluk46 stakes + 2 Groundhog stakes + SMD carbon fiber poles
Six Moon Designs ‘Cuben Haven Tarp‘ + Haven NetTent + 4 Suluk46 stakes + 2 Groundhog stakes + SMD carbon fiber poles. A new double wall shelter setup I am using.
Check out more photos here and here, over on facebook.

There have been a few exciting updates within the cottage industry over the last two weeks, as well as some hopefully insightful other topics, to share in this Ramblings update.


I would like to share that I have joined a small group of other hikers and adventurers, that I highly respect, that are Sawyer Ambassadors! You can check out my bio on their website.

I have been a huge fan and user of the Sawyer products for years.

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Ramblings: January 20, 2016

Outbound Clicks from HikeLighter.Com
Outbound Clicks from HikeLighter.Com

Another week, another Ramblings post.

Thought the image I have attached is rather interesting. It shows how many people have gone from HikeLighter.Com to different websites. The first one (wordpress media) is folks clicking on photos, so ignore that. And clearly I have linked to a lot of products at amazon. And the is to my gearlist. But putting aside those three things from the list, it looks like zpacks is by far in the lead of what people seem to be interested in. Granted I have published more about their products than anybody else in the list, but still, almost 2x as many clicks. wow. SMD use to be in second place, mostly due to my Skyscape X article, but that seems to be a shelter most folks have lost interest in. Use to be a time when it would sell out in 24-48 hours, but not anymore. Unlike other companies, SMD has always priced their CF products at a point where they should have been priced at and not marked low just to help sell them. Could be the price tag on the SMDSX has hit a price point that shies folks away. Or, maybe it was the change in pole configuration due to that patent by LHG. No idea, just continue to be surprised that it is not selling like it use to. I think if SMD could get some real bathtub walls on the shelter, it could be the only shelter on the market to give the ZPacks SolPlex a real run for its money. Once I get some miles on the SMD Flight 30 and Fusion 65, and publish some thoughts on them, I suspect SMD will move back up the list. My recent review of the MLD Spirit Quilt accounts for it taking over second place. Montbell is of course on the list due to the Dynamo Wind Pants.

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Ramblings: January 04, 2016

As I have previously indicated I am going to try to post more here at the HikeLighter.Com website instead of only at my facebook page.

Doing this is likely going to result in posts that are not gear, safety, or educational, specific, so I am going to categorize these posts as “Ramblings” :: “A meandering talk with no specific topic or direction” – and I have no idea where they are going to lead too over the course of the 2016 year! Drop me a comment if you feel like these type of ramblings have no place within the confines of what you feel stands for and represents itself as to you.

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