Questions & Answers: #005

Questions & Answers

It has been far too long since I have published another article within my Questions & Answers series of articles, and I have a backlog of questions to answer, so time to get back to answer them!

This is going to be a long article… probably too long… but I wanted to get the vast majority of the questions I have been asked into one big post instead of a bunch of little posts/articles.

Also, it might get a bit… uhhh… irascible along the way, and downright waspish towards the end. I make no excuse, nor apologies, for this – I am saying what I feel and think about the given topics. I have that right. You do too, just do it on your own website, as I will not approve any censorious comments. And, as always, do not expect me to defend myself nor anything I have said – such things I do not do. I say what I have to say, and that is all I have to say about it. Attempting to defend one self just leads to further captious activities.

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Questions & Answers, #004

Questions & Answers

Wow has it really been a week already?

Here are responses to four questions that I have received over this past week. I have had more but want to keep this weeks Q&A short, as my answers will be a bit longer.

Hope they provide some help and insight.

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Questions & Answers, #003

Questions & Answers

I hope some of you enjoy this third Q&A post. Instead of digging into my older emails I am just going to post some questions I have received over the last month, since my last Q&A.


slackpackhiker: Hey John, As a brand new backpacker hiking the AT April ’16, I’ve appreciated learning lots from your various posts. I’m very much leaning toward the ZPacks Zip Haul pack, there’s so much to like and I certainly like the clean look, but I’m concerned about carrying damp stuff w/o an external net. What’s the best way to hike with damp items?

When I designed the Front Panel Loader (later renamed “Zip” by ZPacks) it was intentionally designed without a mesh front pocket.

Why? Because it has a dedicated front pocket on the outside of the front panel. The idea of going with a mesh outer pocket went against the design that I was after with the FPL/Zip.

My original desire with the FPL was to be a pocketless backpack. Check out this previous article for more on why.

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Questions & Answers, #1

Questions & AnswersEarlier this month, over on my hikelighter facebook page, I posted that I was going to start doing some Q&A posts, so, here is the first one :)

Throughout the year I get a lot of questions from fellow adventurers, mostly via my contact form and facebook private messages. I try to get as many answered as I can, time dependant. Usually during the winter season I get caught up, though that does tend to mean some folks have to wait awhile before I get back to them. Hopefully they are not offended by the long response times.

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