[Released] Enlightened Equipment ‘Rain Wrap’

Greetings Adventurers!

A new rain wrap/kilt has hit the market today, called the “Rain Wrap“, from Enlightened Equipment.

There is not a lot of specs when it comes to a rain kilt/wrap, but the jist of it is that the Rain Wrap is 1.4 oz for a small, 1.75 oz for a medium, and 2.1 ounces for the large, and the fabric is a waterproof 15D Silnylon.

This collage image was in their newsletter email announcement:

Where To Buy:

Directly from the Enlightened Equipment Rain Wrap page.

5 thoughts on “[Released] Enlightened Equipment ‘Rain Wrap’

  1. From my personal experience, a wrap with length “ending just below the knees” makes th wrap become the perfect gutter to drain water down your legs to your socks into your shoes.

    I made mine from a stretchable puncture resistant trash bag with the red drawstring used as my waist tie. Cut the bottom out and line with duct tape, and voila, for about $2.00 you have the same thing.

    3 season base weigh, 11 pounds.

    1. Where did you cut your bag to keep water out of your shoes? In rain I just don’t see how you’re keeping socks dry anyway. That said, if my feet are getting wet regardless, $2.00 – $3.00 is a better deal than $35, which is already a better deal than Zp’s $60.

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