Unshoes ‘PT Sleek’

The Unshoes "PT Sleek" fresh out of their package. 6mm outsole and 4mm footbed.
The Unshoes “PT Sleek” fresh out of their package. 6mm outsole and 4mm footbed.

Greetings Adventurers!

I am trying out a new pair of trail sandals, the Unshoes ‘PT Sleek‘ and thought I would post some photos of them. I will also use this post in the future for reviewing the sandals, once I get some usage on them.

I have been a big fan and wearer of the Luna Sandals “Oso” for three years, but somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to go with an over-the-toe style instead of between-the-toe style sandals.

The Unshoes ‘PT Sleek’ is basically the same as their much more popular ‘Pah Tempe’ except it has narrower webbing. That said, the webbing on the PT Sleek is wider than what the Luna sandals have (bummer) so I can only imagine that the Unshoes Pah Tempe must be along the same size webbing as what Teva and such must use.

I went with a 6mm outer and 4mm inner, so I could have as thick of shoe as possible. To compare, the Luna Oso is 11mm thick and it has served me well on trails for the last three years.

The weight of the PT Sleek in the configuration I have them are 165 grams (per sandal), which is 5.82 ounces – not bad for a 10mm sandal, and a smidgen lighter weight than the Oso (185g.)

The last photo shows the Unshoes PT Sleek on my left foot, and the Luna Oso on my right foot.

I do not have any thoughts on them at this point, I just got them. I will update this article once I get some use on them.

It took 10 business days from the time I bought them to them showing up.

Unshoes sandals are hand made in Cedar City, Utah, USA.

Two Week Later Update:

Well after two weeks of trying to get them to fit me correctly, these sandals are just not working out for me. No matter what I have done to try to keep my foot secure, I have just not been able to get them to stay secure on my feet. I have been emailing back and forth with them and nothing seems to work. Because they were taken outside twice (once to take the photos used within this article, and once to take photos that I sent to them to show how I had the straps tightened), with less than 20 feet of walking outside, they deemed them as no longer being “in new condition” and thus would not take them back in exchange for a larger pair without there being a “partial credit toward a new pair” – wow, just wow. So yeah, I will have zero future business with this company.

2 thoughts on “Unshoes ‘PT Sleek’

  1. I had a sort of quick, odd question. How firm would you describe the sole of Lunas? I’m currently wearing Xero Z-Trails, and while I like them, I wish they were a bit softer. They have a 10mm sole, but it’s a quite firm 10mm.

    I’m probably going to try a Bedrock Cairn or Luna next. Curious about your thoughts concerning the Lunas.

    1. Hey Jonathon,

      The Luna ‘Oso’ has a very firm footbed. Little bend to it. But that also makes it super tough for long distance trail users. Last year a lady hiked the entire PCT wearing the Luna Oso, which I think made her the first person to hike the PCT in Luna sandals.

      The Luna Leadville Trail has significantly more flexability with it, from what I am told.

      The Luna Leadville Pacer is even more flexabile than the trail (3mm thinner) and is one of the most cherished trail running sandals out there.

      I am a fairly light stepper, so I went with the Pacer, but the Trail is going to give you more protection against rocks and roots and such, if you are a heavy footer, new to trail running in sandals, and/or just want that thicker sandal.

      I have never tried any of the Zero brand sandals, have had a lot of people suggest them to me though.

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