Suluk46 “A-Pod” – an ultralight camera-pod!

The Suluk46 A-Pod, a 6 gram camera pod!
The Suluk46 A-Pod, a 6 gram camera pod!

Hello All,

I am very happy to announce that an awesome new product for the hiking community, that I have been co-designing since the middle of 2013, has just been made available for purchase!

It is called the “A-Pod” – and it is a 6 grams (0.21 ounce) ultralight camera-pod for those looking for the lightest of the lightest for their point-and-shoot camera or phone!

The A-Pod is used by placing it over the tip of an inverted hiking pole (or a stick off the ground) and using 3 (or more) pieces of cord that are tied onto the top stabilizing disc and using stakes (or sticks pick up off the ground or even tied to other surrounding objects) that provides stability for the upright hiking pole/stick/whatever!

It is a brilliantly simple camera accessory and designed to be the absolute lightest weight possible to get the job done!

It is designed specifically for point-and-shoot cameras (or mobile phones with cameras if you have a Glif, which is how I use it) and it is not really able to handle the big DSLR cameras. Please do not hate me or the A-Pod for that… it is just that I designed this for thru-hikers and SUL hikers that rarely, if ever, carry a full size camera – and chances are those folks that do carry a full size camera are going to have a tripod capable of supporting a 3+ pound camera.

This is my sixth product I have designed and brought to the hiking community over the last five years and my first time working with Suluk46 to bring a product to market. Steve Evans, the owner of Suluk46, has been an exceptional person to work with on this product! Suluk46 brought me on as a sponsored hiker in early 2013. After a few months I just knew that Suluk46 was going to be a company that would be perfect to approach with the idea for this product – an idea which I had been working out in my head for about 8 months while out hiking.

It only takes a few grams of cordage and when not in use you wrap the cordage around the lower part of the A-Pod. One of the neat things we have discovered is that the A-Pod is awesome for giving you a very stable monopod while out on the trail. If you just want to take a really quick and stable photograph, flip over your pole, graph your camera (I keep my A-Pod attached to my Glif) and it can give you an incredibly stable monopod!! The vast majority of the time I have used the A-Pod has been without using the cordage (thus making a quasi-monopod) and just using it in the monopod/stabilizer mode.

The A-Pod works really well if you carry a small camera and do youtube or vimeo videos! Just setup the A-Pod staked to the ground, attach your camera/phone, and you have yourself a 6-gram way to hold up your camera/phone for shooting that next awesome youtube video!!

I have used both the super small 1.25 mm cordage from zpacks and the much larger 2.38mm Glowire from Lawson without any problems at all.

We have tested the A-Pod on all the major hiking pole manufacturers that are used within the hiking community… and a whole lot of sticks we just picked up off the ground for that super fast point-and-shoot photo!

Those of you that follow me on my HikeLighter facebook page have been able to follow the progress of this new accessory over the last six months, it has been fun!!

Available Now!!

The A-Pod is available for purchase right now!

Other Accessories:

My recommendation for other, and like-minded, camera accessories include:

The very awesome StickPic — a must-have for every hiker and a really sweet complimentary product to the A-Pod! Chances are you probably already have one, but if you do not, you should go buy one!

Mini Ball Head Camera Mount – useful for both the A-Pod and the StickPic, it allows you to get the angle you want that you normally could not get.

A Few Photos:

Second Generation of the A-Pod now includes an o-ring to help provide better support for slightly larger cameras (but still not viable for full body cameras)
Second Generation of the A-Pod now includes an o-ring to help provide better support for slightly larger cameras (but still not viable for full body cameras)
Weight of the 2nd generation A-Pod
Weight of the 2nd generation A-Pod
Small - Compact, Light Weight!
Small – Compact, Light Weight!
(cordage not included)
A-Pod, using a very quick and light three cordage setup!
A-Pod, using a very quick and light three cordage setup!
A-Pod, for max load or heavy winds, add on as many cord lines as you need!
A-Pod, for max load or heavy winds, add on as many cord lines as you need!
The white A-Pod!
First Generation white A-Pod!

4 thoughts on “Suluk46 “A-Pod” – an ultralight camera-pod!

  1. Hey John,

    Great idea. It nearly weighs nothing! Nice going.

    And great to hear from you. I hope all your plans for 2014 are falling into place. Have a great year on all your adventures! God bless bro.

  2. Hi John,

    I can’t get it, each time I want to take a landscape photo or a selfy I need to stake 3-4 nails and make this setup? Actually, it is much better to learn how to make long exposure shots with just your hands, shoulders. And even if we talk about tripod. Look you have two hiking poles, so the missing third pole could be a half-length fiberglass pole that supports one of other poles.

    1. Hello. Well there is not much here to get. This is the absolutely lightest possible solution that I could design and get developed. I am pretty sure that 6 grams + a few yards of courage is going to be lighter than a fiberglass pole, and one heck of a lot less volume space inside of a backpack. The A-Pod is a niche product. It is either something you get or something you don’t. (ps. the Israel National Trail is at the top of my international wishlist of trails to hike)

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