Lawson Outdoor Equipment – Red Titianium Hook Tent Stakes

The Lawson Outdoor Equipment Red Coated Titanium Hook Stake
The Lawson Outdoor Equipment Red Coated Titanium Hook Stake

Greetings Hikers,

I have been using the Lawson Outdoor Equipment Titanium hook stakes for quite some time now and I have grown to be rather fond of it.

Recently he decided to make some with red paint to make them easier to find, so I ordered ten of them for my shelters.

The truly unique aspect of these stakes is that they have a more aggressive/deep bend, which makes them not rotate around like a lot of other shephard stakes are well known to do under tension. In the wet season here in the Redwoods rain forest this can become such a problem that I often use to take flat or y stakes to prevent turning, but so far these Lawon stakes are holding their own.

Individual Weight Results:

When they arrived I pulled out my scale, calibrated it with a 100g weight, and proceeded to take photos of all ten that I received to see how consistent the ten different stakes would be.

Here are the results:


Average: 6.56 grams

That is a very impressive job in regards to consistency. The 6.40 and 6.66 are a bit outside the weight of the others but they even themselves out (and 1/10 of a gram means nothing) and overall I am highly impressed.


These specifications are taken from the product page, I am including this for long-term archiving/reference:

– Length: 6.5″
– Material: 6AL-4V Titanium
– Weight: 6.5 grams

Coating Durability:

Not available at this time.

I know, I typically only do long-term review of gear, but I have never owned a coated tent stake that did hold up over a season of use, so why even wait a year before I share my thoughts on these stakes – who knows, maybe they will hold up over the rest of the 2013 and all of the 2014 season, if they do, that will be highly impressive.

I will report back when/if I have any coating durability issues with these stakes.

Does The Coating Work?

For this I took a few photographs to try to present this question… hard to do in photos.

In this sequence I attached a guyline to three different stakes: A Ruta Locura carbon fiber stake,  the original Lawson Ti Stake, and the new Lawson red coated Ti stake.

In this next sequence I place the original Lawson stake side-by-side with the new red coated stake in a few different locations in my backyard, I step away about three feet, stand up, and take the photograph – to simulate me looking down trying to find the stakes.




While I was out there, I discovered some fresh blackberries, which I maybe had to stop and try ;)


Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of stakes on the market, and a number of great quality titanium shephard stakes. What sets the Lawson Outdoor Equipment Titanium hook stakes apart from the rest is the design of the hook. I, like most of you I am sure, have probably bought a lot of stakes over your hiking life, and while there are certain times when the terrain and weather conditions call for a big stake, for most of us in the SUL/XUL world, it is all about these small ti hook stakes, and leading the way are these ones from Lawson Outdoor Equipment.

(ps: when I was on his website today he has posted a notice he is getting married – so huge congratulations lawson!!)

+John Abela

In accordance of USA Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255: I hereby declare that as of the day of publication of this article I am a sponsored hiker of Montbell America, Gossamer Gear, Black Rock Gear, Suluk46.

8 thoughts on “Lawson Outdoor Equipment – Red Titianium Hook Tent Stakes

  1. Great write up, and I loved the photos with the stakes side by side! Great idea. As far as weights, one day I am going to have to pick up a scale that picks up tenths of a gram… my scale just reads grams in whole numbers, and due to this, I had some that rounded to 5 grams, 6 grams & 7 grams. 8 of mine came to a total of 53 grams, or 6.6 grams on average.

    Anyway, like you, I have really been happy with my ti hook stakes from Lawson, and I am looking forward to using these.


  2. I don’t have the red painted version, but his stakes are fantastic. Less prone to bending than other cottage shepherd style stakes due to the way the head is bent. I don’t worry about using a rock to help them penetrate harder ground either.

  3. You know what works great? Unpainted titanium hooks marked with orange nail polish. I have a $2 bottle of garish orange nail polish that isn’t even half used. It is also good for marking your dishes for sorting out of the communal wash pot.

  4. I can’t see the tent stakes at all in the photos. I’ll admit that like I am red/green colorblind so that may be the issue here. I think 10% of males are colorblind so that’s something for Lawson to think about. Lawson’s gear is top notch and not cheap Chinese made junk. It’s al made in the USA to his spec or by him – you know all of this of course :)

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