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Black Rock Gear

Greetings Hikers,

In the world of hiking keeping your hands and your feet warm are a vital key in the quest to having a successful hike. While your hands and feet, arms and legs, are not as vital as keeping your core temperature under control – a situation the vast majority of sul/xul hikers rarely face – the necessity of keeping ones hands and feet warm goes a long way towards the overall well-being, pleasure, and adventure, of being outdoors.

The Black Rock Gear Undermitts are perfecting for helping you keep your hands warm throughout most of the climates and conditions that most of us, all but those who go into the most extreme environments, face each and every time we go out.

For many years a lot of people have been using gear made by Black Rock Gear to keep their core temperatures as stable as possible. They have been the manufacture of the highly popular – and always in demand –  Black Rock Hat which has been used pretty much around the world by those going out for a day hike to those hiking the highest mountains in the world. The Black Rock Hat gram for gram (19-25 grams / 0.67 – 0.88 ounces) is very likely the best down hat on the market and one or two of them are almost always in my backpack.

undermitt-cobalt-pair-600My Glove Layering System:

As a hiker in the Northern regions of California I encounter cold ocean wind, rain forest rain, and high mountain snow over the course of a year hiking. Having a good hand layering system has proven to be important to me.

The Black Rock Gear Undermitts provide the perfect mid-layer glove for the colder temperatures, both while hiking and while sleeping.

For when it is wet or snowing or I need a few degrees of extra warmth, I slip on the Mountain Laurel Designs eVENT Rain Mitts, probably the best high breathable, light weight, waterproof gloves on the market.

And for base layer (next to skin) I use the PossumDown gloves (in the usa) which are warm, comfortable, amazingly light weight, and can stay relatively warm if they do happen to get wet – just keep them away from flames, they will vaporize.

Put together, these three products will give you great hand protection for 4 ounces.

Overall Rating:

After having used the Black Rock Gear Undermitts for two winters I would rate the Black Rock Gear Undermitts at a “highly recommended” level.

I am 100% convinced that the Black Rock Gear Undermitts are the best goose down undermitts on the market. They have enough durability to handle multiple thru-hikes for those who are thru-hikers and probably a life-time of use for the weekend hikers out there. At around 38 grams these are worthy of being in your backpack.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for something to be able to keep your hands warm, than you need to keep an eye out on the Black Rock Gear website for when these awesome Black Rock Undermitts are available.

And remember, I would highly recommend also picking up the PossumDown gloves (for next to skin layer) and the Mountain Laurel Designs ‘eVENT Rain Mitts (for hard shell weather layer).

– Abela

In accordance of USA Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255: I hereby declare that I am a Sponsor of Black Rock Gear. The Black Rock Gear products mentioned within the content of this review were purchased by myself and were not supplied to me free of charge, or in exchange for services, by Black Rock Gear, unless otherwise mentioned. As of the time of publication, any other product(s) mentioned within the content of this review is free of endorsement(s) between myself and the manufacturer(s) and meets all FTC 16 CFR.255 compliance requirements.

7 thoughts on “Black Rock Gear Undermitts

  1. Thanks for the incite. You gave me a great idea for a layering system for my winter camping trip in the North Carolina Mountains. Where year after year of this trip the temperatures range from -10 to 40 degree F. I just ordered a pair of the BR undermitts and will order the MLD eVent rain mitts once I here back from Ron on the sizing. Also, I will order a pair of the possum down gloves once Trail Lite has them back in stock.

    1. Sure thing JT.

      Not sure that the setup I explained above will handle the negative ten degrees level you mentioned you encounter, that is pushing this setup.

      Check out a video that shugemery posted recently where he talks about his glove setup, for the super cold minnesota weather:

      Remember that you will have to seamseal the eVENT gloves from MLD for them to be rainproof.

      1. I thought it may be pushing it, but I still think it may work. My current set up is a pair a thin liner gloves, wool fingerless gloves, fleece gloves and a pair of windproof Marmot over gloves. This system works fine around camp when I am feeling pretty cold, since we go without fire. Sometime I will throw a hand warmer in my gloves if it is below freezing.

        Shuge is great!

  2. I ordered the Medium in the BR undermitts, so should I order the Medium in the MLD event rain mitts and a Large in the possum down? Any sizing thoughts would be appreciated since you have the system.

    1. Would not really want to comment on what size you should go with. IIRC the websites have measuring charts.

      I personally went with large/large/large for my combo setup.

  3. John, excellent website, have you tried the ZPacks breathable cuban mittens? I know you gave a great review for the ZPacks breathable cuban rain jacket, wondered if you have tried these. And how is the durability of the breathable cuban jacket now that you have had it for awhile? I am looking for some waterproof breathable over mitts and am considering the MLD event ones and the ZPacks ones. Any thoughts on the durability of the MLD event mitts?

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