Suluk46 Collapsible Titanium Stove

Greetings Hikers,

Wood stoves – there are wood stoves, and than there are wood stoves. Today I want to talk about a wood stove unlike any other that I have encountered, called the “Suluk46 Collapsible Titanium Stove“.

This is not just any wood stove. It is not a fancy double wall stove. This is not a stove where gasification plays a part. It is not a big wood stove. Just the opposite. It is a very small wood stove, with lots and lots of ventilation. It is a pot stand and stove. It is made of titanium. It is made in Canada. It is awesome.

Suluk46 describes this stove rather well:

The Collapsible Titanium (CT) Stove is a 4 piece titanium stove that easily assembles and disassembles to make a nice small package that fits inside your pot or slips into your pack. 3 of the 4 pieces are used as the walls and pot supports. These pieces fit together with 2 small tabs on each side that interlock with the neighboring piece. In order to maximize space and limit parts and weight, each piece is bent in the center to enlarge the firebox, creating a hexagon shaped stove.

Here are some photographs:

As you can see from the photographs above this is a very small wood stove. The cup used in the photographs is the MSR Titan Cup, one of my favorite cups, and probably my most used cup over the last few years.

At 32 grams the CT Stove it is the lightest wood burning stove I have held in my hands.

It is designed to engineering perfection.

Adding together with a 45 gram cup and you can easily have yourself a three ounce cook-kit.

Not a fan of wood or hiking in a location where there is a wood burning ban? Just pull out an esbit cube or a candle alcohol stove and place them inside of the stove and use the stove as a stand.

The first time I used it I grabbed my camera and went out into my backyard. This was awhile back and I have become a bit more proficient using this stove. I will admit I am still a fan of esbit, but sometimes it is just nice to sit down in camp after a day of hiking and fire up a little wood to heat up some water for a cup of tea – without having to waste an esbit tablet.

6 thoughts on “Suluk46 Collapsible Titanium Stove

  1. Ooooohhhh shiny…. :) I like esbit and wood burning but at times wood burning isn’t a real option but this is very cool. With esbit you’ll need a windscreen which won’t add much I’d guess.

  2. Wow, that is 1/3rd the weight of my Vargo titanium wood stove. Nice. With all the ventilation, no need to hold open a side like I do with the Vargo.

  3. Nice video John, I’m really looking forward to you follow ups on this little stove. Like you I’m an Esbit user, but I really enjoy having a small solo fire in the evenings. I really don’t care about efficiency when it comes to cooking over a wood fire, for me it’s more of a time to relax and enjoy the fire.

  4. Hi John!

    Thanks for all the research that you do for us. I’m about 10 oz away from being under 5 lbs base weight and debating on 2 stoves to get closer to my my goal:

    LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System (

    T.E.A System (

    I always do dehydrated food and it’s the only way I cook. I currently have a Snow Peak stove that is 1.9 oz and a 600 Ti Snow Peak Mug that is 2.9 oz. The cansiter is 3 oz of fuel and 4 oz of metal so in total it is 7.8 oz. Money is not a concern when I purchase one of the stoves. Which one would you purchase or recommend??? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Fabian,

      Of the two that you selected, I would probably have to recommend the one from LiteTrail – only reason being that I simply do not like tall pots.

      If this is the style of cooking system you feel you want to give a go, I would go with a Suluk46 Ti wind screen, a Zelph 2 Cup *Flat bottom* pot, and a wire stand made from minibulldesign. This gives you a sub-2 ounce water-boiling system that rocks. See my video on this setup:

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