Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadorship

Greetings Hikers,

I wanted to let all of my readers know that Gossamer Gear has invited me to join their “Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors“.

It is a huge privilege and honor for them to invite me into this group of some of the most respected hikers in the world.


14 thoughts on “Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadorship

    1. Hey Michael, thanks. No never made it up there, we were planning to go this weekend, and than just a week ago realized it was a 3-day holiday weekend and would probably be insane up there with all the people, so going to try to find somewhere with less people for this weekend.

  1. John, I regularly visit and appreciate your website and the objective product reviews you craft and share. Congratulations on this honor by GG recognizing your contributions – they will benefit from your ambassadorship.

    1. They better be!!

      I suppose we will find out here soon enough as I am almost ready to post a two-part series on the worlds lightest hiking poles, which include the Gossamer Gear LT4 hiking poles.

      btw, thank you for using the word “still” thereby indicating you feel that so far all of my articles have been objective. I try very hard to be and often times will let an article sit in queue for a week or more so I can review and edit it a bunch of times, just to make sure that I am.

      1. Absolutely — I’ve felt that since you buy your stuff, you’re very much like Consumer Reports. Not afraid to tell it like it is. I like that.

        But sometimes I fear when a company gives gear to people, reviewers will be a little easier on the company when making their comments. Maybe reviewers will tell them in private what they don’t like, but they won’t say it on a public blog — which is the only way I can find things out.

        Congrats on being chosen and I eagerly await your hiking pole review as I have those same GG poles.

        1. Yeah very much looking forward to being able to publish the pole article. I was needing to wait until this became official (as in, me getting added to their website) before I could publish the article for FCC legal reasons.

          One of the nice things about GG is that I think they are willing to overlook some of the aspects of what you mentioned. They were/are fully aware of what I had to say in my recent review of the new Murmur backpack. I was rather clear that I was not happy with the lid closure system. Yet that did not stop them from being willing to bring me on as a Trail Ambassador. It is refreshingly nice to see companies willing to extend an invitation such as this, while still being open to hearing about things that need reworking – after all, that is a major part of helping out companies with gear, and that is a major part of what I do as a hiker. Three products I designed are now being produced by three different companies; four different products I have done prototype testing and final production testing with are also now on the market. It is in the best interest of outdoor gear makers to be open to what their product users/buyers are saying.

          By the way everybody, Chad “Stick” Poindexter has also been added to the trail ambassador program. He is a great guy and has recently gotten into the SUL world here in 2012 and produces some of the best gear reviews I have seen in a very long time. Contratz to Stick!

  2. Nice to have you and Chad on board. In addition to writing about the gear, you’ll find that the GG guys really appreciate it when the Trail Ambassadors use their gear and give them product feedback to change or improve it. We have a responsibility to the customer base as well as the company, or at least that’s how I see it.

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