Announced: ZPacks Hexamid Long Shelter

Greetings Hikers,

ZPacks pushed out an announcement today that they have released a “Hexamid Long” shelter!

If I am reading their Specs right, it is looking like the main difference between this and the Solo-Plus is that they have added some poles to help pull out the back side of the Shelter.

This can be a nice improvement for sitting up inside of the Hexamid, as any fellow-tall hikers can testify too.

It does not actually seem to be ‘longer’ unless the Specs on their websites is incorrect. So, perhaps they have just taken the shell of the Solo-Plus, maybe added a bit more material to its back side, and attached some beefed up tie-outs to it.

It is listed at 142 grams (verses 94 grams from the Solo-Plus) so 1.69 ounces heavier just for the tarp. Not sure how much of that extra weight is for the little pole pockets. Could just be an identical Solo-Plus with the pockets added to it – very good chance those alone weight in at 48 grams, plus the use of the ZPacks hybrid Nylon/CubenFiber patches for all of the stress points (which is nice to see!)

Price on it looks to be $435 with the netting. Solo-Plus is $395 with the netting.

If you factor in the weight of three dedicated carbon fiber poles (two at 22 inches, one at 52 inches) the Total Shelter Weight (TSW) is looking to be 670 grams (23.6 oz).

Going to be interesting to see how the tall hikers out there respond to this new ZPacks shelter! There are very few contenders in the UL/SUL world of “Long” Shelters.

At 20+ ounces TSW it falls outside the ability to include it in my SUL/XUL One-Piece Fully Enclosed Shelter comparison – though a person could probably use a couple of sticks picked up off the ground to maybe help it reach that sub-20 ounce mark, and ditch the ZPacks ground CF sheet with a lighter one, and actually get it below the 20-ounce TSW mark!


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