Black Rock Gear Releases Another Batch of Down Vests!!

Hey All,

For those of you who have been looking to score one of the Black Rock Gear Vests – and I have been trying the last two batches of them – this is a very quick alert message to let you know that BRG has just released another batch of them!

Every single time they have put a batch of them up for sale the size large sales out within under an hour. Crazy!!

I am totally excited to be able to get one this time!!

No idea how many they have left but I suspect they are going to go very quickly.

No, I do not work for Black Rock Gear… and, Yes, I freaking LOVE their gear!!!

A 4.2 ounce vest with 2 ounces of down inside of it – it simply does not get any better than that!!

4 thoughts on “Black Rock Gear Releases Another Batch of Down Vests!!

  1. For such a ridiculous price jump from their original $145 they should at least have an XL. I haven’t had a chest size that small since high school over 20 years ago. Thanks for the newsflash and “much” more than that, thanks for the clarification on your new adventure. I appreiate you taking the time to share something like that with us.

    1. Hey Jessee, I think the reason the vests went up from 145 to 180 is because shipping is now included but also because the initial production runs are done. I seem to recall their website saying that their initial release of the vests would be reduced in price – which makes sense, it gives them a chance to offer up early versions and work out the process. So, an extra $35 bucks… probably costing them around 12-15 bucks for shipping (mine is coming usps priority mail, probably the large size box, so that would be the 15 dollar mark) so that means a true price increase of 20 bucks or so. I can live with that, knowing all of the kinks in the development process has been worked out by this point.

      I think the next XL batch is coming in 3 or so weeks, for those on the sign up waiting list they have setup over at their website for these vests.

      Anyway, I am hoping my size large fits me… I will post an article once it shows up and I have had a chance to give it a go on a trip!

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