Socks of 2013

Oh yeah, Grinch socks!!
Oh yeah, Grinch socks!!

Greetings all, time for a fun, non weight-specific, article sharing my thoughts on socks… nothing overtly exciting in this article.

After reading the excellent article by Erika Klimecky at SeattleBackpackersMagazine entitled “Socks for the Season“, I felt a bit of inspiration to share my thoughts about the socks that I have used this year.

For the last few years I have been extremely devoted to using Darn Tough Socks. They served me amazingly well as I progressed from being a heavy weight hiker and wearing boots, through the migration of being a LW and UL hiker wearing trail shoes, and even as a SUL/XUL hiker they have proven to be great using some of the lightest weight trail shoes on the market.

Things started to change for me though when I started making the migration to using (near)zero-incline shoes. When I started wearing VFF’s I went out and bought some Injinji toe socks. When I made the decision to try using sandals for hiking I ordered up the Teva Hurricane XLS’s and used them for a few months to get my feet conditioned to having open toe footwear. Recently I have started hiking in Luna Oso Sandals so I ordered up more Injinji socks as my feet are still getting conditioned to having straps.

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