Favorite Gear List Videos


Gear Videos. Love them, hate them. Most I come across are far too long – I have been guilty of that myself in the past, often making 30+ minute videos, it is no wonder people do not like them – but every so often a gear video comes along that really hits the sweet spot, and usually by experienced big mileage long distance hikers.

I have been sharing many of these videos with people on facebook, patreon, and via email, and thought rather than just copying-and-pasting each of them every time, I would just post these here at hikelighter.com and in the future just share the link to this page to folks. It will also allow me the ability to add additional videos in the future, as I come across ones that I really like.

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[Video+Gearlist] Sept 2016 – Sub 4 BPW [e2b.88.4]

I have posted a sub 4 pound gear list + video from a hike I just finished over on my patreon website.

It includes a lighterpack gearlist showing a breakdown of every piece of gear. I think this might be my first sub-2268 gearlist that I have released in at least two years(??)

The video is ~11 minutes in length.

Available for all patrons (only costs a buck a month)


Thanks everybody!
+John Abela