Suluk46 Titanium Trowel

Suluk46 Titanium Trowel
Suluk46 Titanium Trowel

Greetings Hikers,

please note: the Suluk46 Ti Trowel has been updated since the below article was published in January 2013. It is now slightly more durable, does not have holes (talked them into removing them, the saved weight was not worth having dirt/mud fill up the holes) and I personally recommend the ‘large’ size of the new trowel, especially for long distance hikers.

Does the hiking world need another trowel – or even a bigger question is: does it need another titanium trowel?

Not anymore!

I recently ordered up the Suluk46 Titanium Trowel to replace my previous Ti towel, from another company, that I gave away to an inbound hiker that I knew when I was outbound on the same trail.

On my calibrated scale it is 14.7 grams and it is a pure work of art.

For a piece of titanium it is extremely strong – as strong as those heavy plastic ones most of us probably started using when we first got into hiking.

I always felt like my other trowels where a novelty item – they worked but they just never felt like they had what it took to make it into my backpack for the long haul.

I am extremely happy with this Suluk46 Titanium Trowel and it will hopefully be the last one I have to buy – and this one I have no intentions of ever giving away.

Anyway, there is not a whole lot to say about a trowel, so just going to leave it at that and here is a video of it in use: