SteriPEN Ultra — The New & Heavier SteriPEN

Greetings Hikers,

SteriPEN has recently released a new version of their UV water filter called the “Ultra“, which is being claimed as “the most advanced UV water purifer in the world”  – SteriPEN Ultra

I have to admit that I have been a fan, supporter, and user of the SteriPEN UV filters.

I know a fair amount of long distance hikers that have hated them. I also know a fair share of long distance hikers that have over 3000 miles of use with a SteriPEN and continue to love them. Inevitability articles about the SteriPEN turn into a whole bunch of hyperbole, so if we can keep those type of comments to a minimum, that would be awesome.

What I wanted to write about today was to present to all of the hikers that follow me the “new” and, oddly, heavier, new SteriPEN and to discuss the merits of this new UV Water filter by SteriPEN.

Now, by heavier, I do not just mean, ‘heavier’… I mean “heavier”… as in the second heaviest SteriPEN that they have ever made.

SteriPEN Specs:

Product Grams Batteries Treatments MSRP
SteriPEN Freedom 74 Internal 200 $119.95
SteriPEN Protector 103 CR123 100 $149.95
SteriPEN Traveler mini 105 CR123 100 n/a
SteriPEN Adventurer 108 CR123 100 $89.95
SteriPEN Journey LCD 128 CR123 100 $99.95
SteriPEN Ultra 140 Internal 100 $99.95
SteriPEN Traveler 162 AA 200 $49.95
SteriPEN Classic 162 AA 200 $69.95
SteriPEN Defender 162 AA 200 $129.95
SteriPEN Emergency 162 AA 200 $49.95

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