JetBoil Sol Ti

JetBoil Sol Ti. 22 Boils. 16oz
JetBoil Sol Ti. 22 Boils. 16oz. Medium heat.

Greetings hikers, climbers, adventure racers, bikers, and all outdoor lovers!

I have a rather long and unique history with the Jetboil systems – those who have followed my articles for any length of time know some of the good and the bad – but there is one thing about the JetBoil Sol Ti that keeps haunting me: I just really love this thing!

Now sure, talking about something like the JetBoil Sol Ti might seem totally out of place on a website that tends to focus on SUL/XUL hiking, but hopefully over the last few years I have been able to get across the point that a hiker can carry one or two “heavy” or “luxury” pieces of gear and still be a SUL hiker (BPW sub 5lbs/ 2.3kg.)

More and more one of mine has been the JetBoil Sol Ti, and here is why:

Using 16 oz of water, enough for a meal and coffee, I am able to get 22 uses out of a single 100g JetBoil JetPower canister. I am no great math genius like some of the guys at BPL who can figure out at what point in a long distance hike, or even a weekend hike, a certain weight of something becomes viable or nonviable, but from a few hundred days spent on the trail over the last few years, over 500 at this point, it would seem to me that if I can go 11 days and not have to worry about whether I am going to run out of fuel, well that is a very nice thing. And, if I decide to have a cold breakfast every couple of days I could easily extend that one canister of fuel well into the two week duration. On an ounce-by-ounce comparison, even my beloved esbit weighs more at those durations of being on-trail.

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