Lawson Outdoor Equipment, “Reflective Glowire”

A shelter with the Lawson Glowire.
A shelter with the Lawson Glowire.

I have been using the Lawson Outdoor Equipment “Lawson Outdoor Equipment “Reflective Glowire” for two years and I recently ordered an additional 50′ hank for a new shelter, and thought I would take a brief moment to share how much I enjoy this cordage.

There is not a whole lot to say about cordage – well, there might be, but I am not a huge cordage fan kind of guy so for me there is not – but here are my thoughts on this stuff.

On the scale, it comes in at 52 grams (1.8 ounces) per ~50 feet (16.6 yards) of this cordage.

I have ordered it three times now, twice from zpacks and one directly from Lawson and each time it has been right at the 52 grams mark.

The first order was in orange colour and the last two times have been in black colour. It looks really good on the zpacks camo cuben fiber duplex, and I suppose I could have gone with any colour for my zpacks aluminized cuben fiber duplex, but decided to stick with black, though the lime colour would have probably made an already over the top bright shelter even more comical, maybe I will try that in the future :-D

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