Sawyer PointOne Squeeze Water Filter System

Greetings Hikers!

A lot of hikers place a lot of value in making sure that their water is filtered, and rightly so. I am not going to get into that issue within this article, other than to say that there are times when I absolutely refuse to go on a hiking trip without a water purification of some sort. Because of where I live and typically hike a water filter is not necessary – it rains so much that I can just gather water by setting down my water bottle and it fills up in a few minutes. At night, if I know the next morning I will be wanting to take a quick towel body shower, clean any gear, or just to have a nice breakfast I can easily gather three liters of water, the one liter that my primary bottle holds plus a 2 liter water bag for additional storage. Of course there are times when I am just not able to gather that much water and find a need to acquire water from another source beyond just rain falling, in these times it is typically from a river or creek.

I have gone through a lot of different water filters, like most of us have I suspect, trying to find one that works for me. Forget trying to find “that perfect one”… these days I just try to find one that makes me happy and feel safe and does not weigh a lot.

I have bought the Sawyer Three-way filter but it was way bigger than what I expected it to be and thus it never made it into my backpack, plus I almost never drink directly from a storage bag and I am just not a fan of the whole gravity system. Nothing against those methods, I just do not care to go down those roads, done them both and just do not like either of them.

I have bought the SteriPen Adventurer Opti and really do love it. It has never failed me, something I hear happens to people here and there. It is also something that I do not have to worry about freezing in sub freezing conditions. If you have ever woken up and realized that your standard membrane filter is frozen and totally unusable, you know what I mean. Yes it requires batteries, but I do not care about that. It is really no different from carrying fuel for your stove, its just a necessary part of your overall total backpack weight.

Awhile back Sawyer released their “Sawyer PointOne Squeeze Water Filter System” which at first I neglected to take a close look at, but here a few weeks ago I came across it again and took a serious look at its technical specs and it jumped out at me as something that could be the finest – and lightest weight – membrane filter system available for hikers. Continue reading “Sawyer PointOne Squeeze Water Filter System”