Snow Peak Ultra-light Umbrella

Snow Peak Ultra-light Umbrella
Snow Peak Ultra-light Umbrella

Greetings Adventurers,

Ok, I feel kind of funny writing a review about an umbrella… just gotta say.

Over the years I have hiked with very few other hikers, probably less than 25 all put together, but the one constant piece of gear that every single hiker that I have hiked with has, is a good hiking umbrella.

My true love is, and probably always will be, the “GoLite Chrome Dome Trekking Umbrella”. It is one awesome all weather umbrella! It is the leader of the pack and by far the most used umbrella on most of the long distance trails here in the USA. But, it is also a heavy umbrella, at 230 grams (8.11 ounces).

As my readers well know, I spend a whole lot of money in order to save an ounce here and an ounce there as much as I can. So there are times when the necessity of the GoLite Chrome are just not warranted, and thus I am able to go out with a lighter weight umbrella. During the summer and shoulder season I have been fully committed to the GoLLite Chrome, but when I do not need the weight of that umbrella, when it is not hot and sunny outside, it offers me the ability to take the significantly lighter weight Snow Peak Ultra-Lite Umbrella.

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