Trail Designs “Caldera Cone” for the Vargo/Massdrop 700 BOT


I just got an email from the guys at Trail Designs that they have released a Caldera Cone (both standard & classic ti-tri) for the Vargo Outdoors/Massdrop “BOT 700”.

As I have previously shared, Trail Designs cannot make a Sidewinder for the BOT 700 due to the design of the pot, so this is great news that there is now a Caldera Cone for it!

You can order the Standard Caldera Cone or the Classic Ti-Tri Caldera Cone directly from Trail Designs, just look for the “Vargo BOT (0.7 Liter)” pot size!


2 thoughts on “Trail Designs “Caldera Cone” for the Vargo/Massdrop 700 BOT

    1. I never did. I ended up having too many issues with the cold soaking food that I was putting into the BOT and the lid constantly getting locked up on me. Had to bring it home twice and tried the credit card trick and that did not work, so had to pull out a huge pair of pipe wrenches to get the lid off. Eventually after the third or so time of that, I just gave up for using it for cold-soak and it went into a box and has not come out since.

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